In the latest issue of Billboard, it is reported that The Who are hoping to hit the road again in 2011, with “a new show,” according to singer Roger Daltrey, or possibly a retooled stage presentation of the group’s 1973 rock opera “Quadrophenia.”
“We’re just working out what to do next,” Daltrey tells “We’ve got ideas…We’re looking on probably being out there, hopefully if all goes well, in the spring of next year…We definitely don’t want to stop. We feel it’s the role of the artist to go all the way through life ’til you can’t do it anymore.”
Daltrey does acknowledge, however, that “there’s a few things to get around — primarily guitarist and composer Pete Townshend’s continuing battle with severe Tinnitus. Daltrey says that “it’s nothing that can’t be sorted out — just different monitor systems, different on-stage volume, which is where the issue is. Pete being the addictive character he is, if he gets carried away he tends to turn his volume up to the old levels, and that’s when it causes the trouble. That’s one of the problems with rock ‘n’ roll, once the old adrenaline kicks in.”
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