Photo by Scott Heck
The Who have been quiet since their stunning appearance at the SuperBowl Halftime show in Miami followed by a ‘one off’ performance of Quadrophenia early this year. Rumours have been rife about the future of the band. What’s up with Pete’s hearing? Would Pete and Roger ever perform again together as The who?
Recently returned to England after a few solo shows in the U.S., Roger has kindly agreed to do an audio interview with Rob Lee, editor of, band’s official website, giving fans the chance to put their questions to him.
Please e-mail YOUR question (NB ONE QUESTION ONLY, PLEASE!) to
The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, July 20, 0900 GMT so get your skates on and submit your question (NB ONE ONLY, please!)
Rob will select what he considers to be the best questions and put as many of them as possible to Roger.

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