The Who Announce Tour of UK and More



THE WHO have announced a 12 date arena tour of the UK and Europe. They will perform their iconic 1973 double album QUADROPHENIA in its entirety, along with a selection of WHO classics. The UK tour follows hot off the heels of their hugely successful North American, tour, praised by press and fans alike as probably the definitive interpretation of Quadrophenia and a rock ‘n’ roll lover’s dream come true” (, Boston). “QUADROPHENIA is their (The Who’s) boldest and most fully realized albums,” writes Rolling Stone, “but it’s never quite gotten the live show it deserves – until now”.


QUADROPHENIA was The Who’s second rock opera (after Tommy), raising the bar for rock albums as an art form. It hit #2 on the UK album chart and massively influenced the future of UK style, fashion and culture – from Paul Weller to Bradley Wiggins, from Paul Smith to Noel Gallagher.  The album’s title is a variation on the popular usage of the medical diagnostic term schizophrenia and exemplifies the four varying personalities of the original band members. IGN placed QUADROPHENIA at No. 1 on its list of the greatest classic rock albums of all time and Q magazine placed it on its list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever. QUADROPHENIA  features such classic WHO songs as “The Real Me,” “5:15” and “Love Reign o’er Me.”


The movie of QUADROPHENIA (1979) has become a cult classic, starring a young Sting, Phil Daniels, Ray Winstone, Trevor Laird and Lesley Ash. John Lydon (Rotten) was screen tested for a part, but the idea was dropped when insurance became an issue! QUADROPHENIA became one of the key influential, independent British movies, alongside other gritty real life films (known as ‘angry young man films’), like “Scum”, “The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner” and “Look Back In Anger”.


This new concert version of QUADROPHENIA, personally directed by Roger Daltrey, focuses on the original album and replaces the narrative used in previous stage versions with powerful imagery projected on an array of massive screens, designed to support, complement and propel the musical content of the work by setting it in the context of the history of the band. This is achieved to startling effect. Quadrophenia and its coming-of-age story unfolded in songs that blended nuance and noise, a spectacle grand and gritty,” writes the Orlando Sentinel.


The Who’s 12-date  tour in the UK (including Belfast) and in Dublin, Paris and Amsterdam features founding members ROGER DALTREY and PETE TOWNSHEND, who will be joined by Zak Starkey (drums), Pino Palladino (bass), Simon Townshend (guitar/backing vocals), John Corey (keyboards), Loren Gold (keyboards/backing vocals) and Frank Simes (musical director, keyboards/backing vocals).




June 8th            Dublin: The O2

June 10th          Belfast: Odyssey

June 12th          Glasgow: SECC

June 15th          London: The O2

June 18th          Sheffield: Motorpoint Arena

June 20th          Newcastle: Metro Arena

June 23rd          Manchester: Arena

June 25th          Cardiff: Motorpoint Arena

June 28th          Birmingham: LG Arena

June 30th          Liverpool: Echo Arena

July 3rd             Paris: Bercy

July 5th              Amsterdam: Ziggo Dome


A special Fan Pre-sale runs from 0900 GMT, Jan. 29 for the UK gigs, from 1000 CET, Jan. 29 for Paris and Jan. 30 for Amsterdam.


Click here for details and more information.


To join the Fan Club, go here.


The general ticket sale begins on 1st February 9am from




137 thoughts on “The Who Announce Tour of UK and More”

  1. Uli Grunert says:

    Hello, I´m very happy about THE WHO europe-dates. But please – make one more show in Germany. This could be christmas & holidays on the same bill for a lot of german WHO-followers…also for me.

  2. Elden Fryers says:

    PLEASE come to Australia we need you, we love you, I need to see the real you

    1. Whodeano says:

      Please please please come to Australia

  3. Petri Karppanen says:

    how about adding Helsinki to the list after Amsterdam..?

  4. Zak says:

    I last seen The Quadrophenia Tour in 1997 & it still stands to be one of the finest concerts I’ve been to,so looking forward to this,fingers crossed I can get a couple of tickets before the touts

  5. Valerio says:

    What about a gig in italy?

  6. lorenzo says:

    When you come in italy?!?!!?
    We want you as soon as possible!!!!!

    Thanks Great!!!!

  7. Vanice says:

    WHO! Come to Brasil, please! “The kids” from here would be “alright” with your presence! We love you, We also need you!

  8. Thought you might like this interview with Gary Moore about the last time they played here: “I just interviewed Gary Moore, and he recalled a Who gig at Ulster Hall in Belfast on 11 May 67. You just show Belfast, but here’s what Gary told me : Gary Moore (audience) : I’d seen them a year or so earlier in Lisburn, then they came back again to Belfast about a year or two later and they played in the Ulster Hall, but they had a different drummer this time. Pete that night was unbelievable, he was playing a Strat, I remember that, and he smashed it up at the end. He was just unbelievable on stage, the guy was absolutely terrifying. Afterwards, we were walking out down the corridor and they were walking out the other way and we could see them leaving, just this group of big lanky fuckers, striding out the other end, and I was shaking, like you’d been in a fight. That’s what it felt like. The adrenalin was amazing. I’d never been to a gig and come out feeling like that, and afterwards you just felt like you’d been in a huge bundle with loads of people. It was the most aggressive thing I’ve ever seen live, more so than any punk band or anything. ” Note: the interviewee was Jonny Black.

  9. John P says:

    We had a great time at the show in Brooklyn last year and we’re so pleased that there will now be a gig in London this year!Excellent news!

  10. Hi! Please come to Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA! People love you here!

  11. Nacho says:

    Please make one Tour on South America!! We need it

  12. Jesse Nygård says:

    Hey Townshend! On your last visit to Finland you said it’s not gonna take another 40 years for The Who to come back!

  13. Eileen Took says:

    Silly date for the London O2 show – Bruce Springsteen is playing at Wembley Stadium that day. Can they add another London date so that Who fans who will be at Wembley that day can have a chance to see them? Just asking…..

  14. Hakan says:

    We in Sweden need this tour also. I really hope you will extend the list of European concerts.

  15. FFFFFFS says:

    In London same day as Springsteen is? Why why why

  16. johnny says:

    Here in Denmark, we allways have loved The Who.
    So… Why not play here in Copenhagen!

    Last time was at Roskilde Festival 2007… Too long time!

    Johnny, Copenhagen

  17. Monika Hernik says:

    Why such few shows outside UK? Please, come to Poland or somewhere around. Middle and eastern Europe loves you guys!!!

  18. Kathy says:

    I am also very pleased with the just-released UK / Europe Tour Dates…
    But…please please please add another date in Germany to!
    It is simply far too long and it would make the entire German Who fanbase so happy!
    And me too;)
    Thanks – Kathy

  19. estela says:

    GREAT!!! But at what time does the pre-sale start?????????
    Can anybody tell me???
    I cannot miss this one!!!!!!!!

  20. Danny Jonckx says:

    I am more than delighted with this European Tour, but please don’t forget to pass in Belgium. I love you!!

  21. FabricioZ says:


  22. Nigel says:

    Scandinavia & the Friends Arena needs a Who concert. Come to think of it so do I

  23. Nicola Jones says:

    Sooo happy to hear you are touring again 🙂 Can’t wait to venture to either Ireland or Amsterdam to see you 🙂 Thank you for such great music <3

  24. Massimo says:

    I’ts possible one show in Italy after Amsterdam ???

  25. ron cathro says:

    Ronny Cathro……Cometh the hour cometh the icemen…cant wait for Glasgow

  26. angie7js says:

    Please come to Spain! We really really LOVE YOU!!!!

  27. karl(dublin) says:

    hi if you need some scooters for the stage show in dublin give me a shout,myself and the lads have fully modded up vespa’s and lambetta’s,in return for the loan of our scooters all that would be required is a ticket for each members scooter used at the show 🙂 cheers if your interested send of an email

  28. Marcel Sienkiewicz says:

    Please come to Poland everybody’s waiting!

  29. Giuliano Pulcini says:

    where are the tickets? ………. but when you come to Italy??

  30. Andy says:

    Arghhh – Who decided that The Who and Bruce Springsteen would play London on the same night?
    Bad timing!

    1. acgypsy says:

      I would rather sit in the last row on the very top of arena for The Who then in the first row for Springsteen, not even close.

  31. Giovanni says:

    Please come in Italy! I love you and I really hope a date in Milan!
    Thank you very much!

  32. Max Fuchs says:

    Please enter one more concert at Germany or Austria. Maybe at Berlin, Munich or Vienna. That would count for me and so many WHO-fans at Germany and Austria so very, very much! So please come to one of those countries that there also people can hear and feel the power of the music from THE WHO!

  33. Mark C says:

    What? You’re not coming back to Antwerp?

  34. Matt says:

    This has made my year.
    The greatest band in the world playing the best album ever made.
    Excited is an understatement. London and one other for me. If I could afford it I’d do the lot!

  35. Benny says:

    are you coming to germany??? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!

  36. daniel says:


  37. Toni [Austria] says:

    England, Paris and Amsterdam? Thats not a European tour….Come on guys Europe is a little bit greater *facepalm*

  38. Chiara says:

    I wish you’ll come to Italy one day, I was too young for Verona 2007, I would really really love to see a gig of my favourite band ever, only one date!! Love you all, bet wishes!! 🙂

  39. dvd unplugged says:

    …drat – the London date is the same date as Springsteen’s show at Wembley and I’m already booked for that!

  40. darren81 says:

    can’t wait see you,s in belfast in june.

  41. Olle Klein says:

    Why not Sweden??? We are waiting!!!

  42. Dave says:

    Mmmm. Interesting!! Just in time for Glastonbury!! I wonder.

  43. dean dixon says:

    the who live at the 02 who heaven

  44. Astrid says:

    We really need you in Germany! What about Dortmund or Essen? It´s right beside Amsterdam 😉
    Long Live Rock!


  45. Mike says:

    OOOHHH Noo! I got at ticket for Bruce at the 5th of July! Please come to germany!

  46. carlos says:

    Madrid is waiting for another great show!!! Please, dont forget about us!!! who who who who!!!

    1. Alberto Abad Morales says:

      PLEASE WHO CAN NOT FORGET TO SPAIN, because we love the Who

  47. Lamod says:

    Hey! What about Madrid? Need to hear you say “We’ll be back” again!

  48. John Paul Osborne says:

    Awesome news for cardiff,the gig in cardiff arena in 2004 was nothing more then stunning,everyone came out of that gig saying that was emotional…its the who,cant expect anything less,roll on june.

  49. Addi says:

    Hello Guys.
    What is with Germany?
    You re Fans waiting here?

    Can you see the Real Me ? Yes, only in Germany.

  50. deborabora says:

    QUADROPHENIA was there first time around and bring it on second time around we are the mods manchester na na na lol DX

  51. JF says:

    You’ve never been to Barcelona 🙁
    I hope you’ll finally come to this wonderfull city, we are waiting for you!!!

  52. Federico Papasodaro says:

    Will The Who ever come to Argentina?. We’re waiting for you. Will you tour Latinamerica sometime?. 🙁

  53. Max says:

    When in Italy? In Verona you had promised

  54. Martin says:

    Come to Portsmouth…….!!!!

  55. Stacey says:

    Auuugh! ive just left the uk to do some travelling! Are they planning on coming to Australia, if not i may have to fly to Amsterdam

  56. Andy says:

    Interview in the sun quotes….

    “There is always this desire for people that are struggling in whatever way to get out of their head.

    “When I wrote Quadrophenia we were in the middle of the three-day week and miners’ strikes.

    “Now there is an illusion for young people of possibility and hope — but it’s an illusion.

    “You come out with a first in a university degree and you can’t get a job.

    “These aren’t great times for young people in our country.”

    Yet you warrant charging 70 to 80quid for a ticket!

    I work, my sons at University, we are your biggest fans and we can’t even afford to go!


  57. Banjo63 says:

    Just bought my tickets, SUPERB !!

    1. Dave Leggett says:

      Hi, I was just wondering now you have been able to get tickets so early

  58. Sarah says:

    SOOO EXCITED hoping 2 get tickets 4 manchester keep your fingers crossed for me! Wanna be outta my brain on the 5 15! Loved your music since I was 14!

    1. Neil says:

      Me too – 5.15 is superb- best track on Quadro – well on a par with ‘the real me’- can you see- can you see?

  59. Bruno says:

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeee come to Brazil!!!!!!!!!
    i´d give a leg to watch this concert hahha

  60. Toni says:

    Guys, when in Barcelona…?

  61. Toni says:

    How can the Kids be Allright if they’ve never been in Barcelona?

  62. Francesca says:

    please come to Italy! We love you here!

  63. Paul says:

    The Who’s 12-date tour in the UK (including Belfast) – Yes of course it is within the U.K. – I don’t see (including Liverpool) or (including Glasgow) TWATS.


  65. Ian Davies says:

    So excited I’m gettin up at 5:15 to book my tickets…greatest rock band in the world

  66. Talita says:

    Why won’t they come to Brazil??? LOL Wish I was European…

  67. mixf says:

    Please, please, please, please, please come to Portugal!

  68. philhopo says:

    I belive theve dropped bargain….and added put the money down to the set list £495 for front row seats !!!!!! 🙂

  69. MIKE PUGRAD says:

    WOW went to the concert last night and you guys did not disappoint! I saw you back in 1976 and you guys were great then but you brought tears to my eye this time! Thank you so much for your Music and taking me back to a very special time in my life! PEACE AND LOVE TO YOU ALL!

  70. pipco105 says:

    Right! Got it! June 20th it’s The ‘Orrible ‘Oo in the pretty town of Newcastle. Got the ticket (centre 2nd row), hotel and flight from Amsterdam!

  71. Gary Kirby says:

    Delighted to see Belfast included in tour schedule. First gig in my home town in nearly 50 years. Fantastic news for a life long fan. Can’t wait.

  72. Susan M. says:

    I saw your announcement on FB, and I wept tears of joy and excitement..THE WHO COMING TO AMSTERDAM! I couldn’t contain myself…being a late Who fan, it’s my very first time to see you live, Rog and Pete! I wish I could have a chance to meet you both, ’cause I love you both to bits & would like to hug you-the ultimate dream..hope to meet you personally, if possible!

  73. bob says:

    how much!!!!!thanks lads

  74. Andy McCobb says:

    Awesome …. Tickets booked for manchester MEN 23rd June – cant wait to see you guys again, Was gutted i missed out on Albert Hall the other year so thank you for this. Wish I could have stretched to VIP package to make it that bit more speval but just out reach price wise for 2.

  75. Barbara Jacobs says:

    Dear Pete:

    I will be taking Russell Schlagbaum on a magical mystery tour of Amsterdam after the Ziggo show.

    “Fair winds and following seas”.

  76. Barbara W. says:

    Hey, NO tour dates in VIENNA??? They’ll be playing Paris + London, but not here? That’s not fair! Saw you live once at a festival in Austria and you were amazing. Since then I absolutely love your music.

    I can’t possibly afford the ticket price for London AND the flight on top… :´o(
    Plleeeeaaaassee add Vienna to your tour dates!

  77. pat lees says:

    ill be at the secc oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo

  78. John says:

    The West Country has been forgotten yet again. We never get any major gigs down here. Pete Townsend lives in Cornwall and should realise there is a huge Who fan base down here many of who cannot afford to travel some considerable distance to see them.

  79. lars christensen says:

    No gig in Copenhagen ? 🙁 you better you better you bet.

  80. lars christensen says:

    Anyway love you guy,s and Amsterdam here i come 🙂

  81. Tony says:

    Is this the FULL European Tour? Of are there more concerts to follow in Europe?

  82. Monika says:

    I hope it’s gonna be a great tour and you’re gonna have a graet time. But please, remember about your all European fans.
    Poland is waiting for you!!!

  83. Mariana says:

    Please, please.
    Come to Brazil!

  84. Sandra says:

    Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    1974 for Ever.

    Come to Brazil.

  85. GIULIA says:

    ITALY is waiting for you!!! Do you remember VERONA concert? I was there… Rain, wind and Rock&Roll! OHHH YEAHHHHHH!

  86. matt king says:

    cool saw them at wembley back in the 80’s
    on their ” kids are alright tour ”
    shame entwhistle is no longer with us, and
    good ol’ moon, if not too expensive for the
    02 in june, i’d love to see them again
    matt ( modicine man 67 )

  87. giovanni says:

    c’mon guys! italy is waitin’ for youuuu!!! verona’s crowd is still there…

  88. valentin says:

    YES LES WHO a paris ! merci merci encore merci!

  89. Norm says:

    Got my tickets secured for Brum! Fabulous! Since buying the super deluxe box set I’ve been aching to see the whole of Quadrophenia performed live.

    Please make the concert programme a memorable one to take home as a worthwhile souvenir of what should be a very special night.

    Thanks to Pete & Roger & all concerned in deciding to bring tour dates to the UK.

  90. Justin says:

    Down under is in need of some uppers, don’t let us down!

  91. Wolfie says:

    Got my tickets for Sheffield been a fan for 40 years Since Charlton Athletics gig, time to show my kids what all fuss is about can’t wait.

  92. Samvid Poon says:

    A real timeless classic from The Who, a must see gig before die…

  93. Roger says:

    Would love to see the lads in concert!!! What a trip down memory lane it would be!!!

  94. Sergey says:

    Come to Moscow, please!

  95. tony Dalby says:

    Why ae there no tickets for Sheffield at 30 seconds past nine? Unless you are an American Express customer!


  96. Gary Ashton says:

    Got my ticket for Sheffield in the pre-sale….it was amazing how fast the front blocks sold out….!

  97. abra says:

    I tried to buy 3 tickets (no spit seats) for the show in London. My son (7 y.o.) wants to see them there. But I failed. Hope they will have another show in London

  98. Daria says:

    Shame there’re no concerts in Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia, Poland.
    I hope some day there will be 2-leg European tour, as big as US one.

  99. Astrid says:

    As The Who won´t come to Germany as it seems, I ordered a ticket for Amsterdam.
    Yippee – can´t wait till July :-))))

    1. Susan M. says:

      Way to go, Astrid!

  100. Nawel says:

    I have my ticket for Paris ! YES !

  101. clinton says:

    ive got my tickets for manchester arena come on THE Whoooooooooo 🙂

  102. gaido2005 says:

    but italy?!?!?!? TORINOOOOOOOOO

    1. lucadoria says:

      italy????????????c’mon guys

  103. Lee says:

    o2 arena London, tickets x 2 but what about Brighton? Quadrophenia! Brighton should be the end of tour final gig!

  104. Delia May says:

    FINALLY got my tickets for Paris! July 3rd is going to be the best day ever!! I’ve loved THE WHO forever nothing compares or even comes close to you guys! LONG LIVE ROCK 😀

  105. Got tickets for Newcastle and I am so excited. The Who have been my favourite since 1968, getting excited is not good at my age. Can’t wait to Rock to a brilliant group at a great venue. Newcastle will go mental!!!

  106. Dr.Jimmy69 says:

    Greetings from good old Germany! I would like to invite you to Hamburg. Last time was is still in my ears and eyes.

  107. Paula says:

    HELLO FROM SPAIN!! I would like the who to come to madrid, because i’ve never seen you and i’d be really happy to do it. Please come!

  108. Pete says:

    Hi guys, why don’t you come to Berlin/Germany.
    We’d all love to see you here!

  109. Michael says:

    Saw you guys in December when you came to Nashville. Best night of my life! The Who is my favorite band and I can now die feeling happy knowing I’ve seen them in concert at least once. Although it wouldn’t hurt to maybe see Tommy get rebooted as well…

    Have fun with the European tour! I hope The Who fans across the Atlantic have as much fun as I did!

  110. Ed says:

    Pete Townsend, oh how you saved my life.

  111. Peter Lindberg says:

    We i Sweden hope you have the energy to come and play in Stockholm. It was great to se you perform in 1997 and 2007.

  112. I agree with Peter, you guys better come to Sweden and bless us – it would without a doubt be the greatest event of 2013!!

  113. paolo says:

    We are waiting in rome, you will see that the italian fan loves you always

  114. Morten C Arendrup says:

    Please be lucky to visit Copenhagen, so we can once again enjoy the greatest rock show on earth. Rock on Pete and Rog 🙂

  115. Jorge says:

    In Madrid -Spain-?

  116. GlynnH says:

    1963 Morecambe Winter Gardens. Me and my best mate Kenny see the Who live for the first time as young mods. 50years later we are still at it, this time in Manchester, but now we are OAP,s!! Keep the faith.

  117. Jim Dawson says:

    Saw the Who do Quadrophenia for the 2nd time in December 2012 in Newark NJ. It was the 15th time I’ve seen them which began in 1967. One of the TRULY great, innovative, classic rock bands of all time. Without pretense, and with many of their activities sponsoring charitable
    endeavors, the WHO are consummate professionals and always give the audience full value for the money spent. The creative genius to conceive, document and perform Tommy , Quadrophenia and all the other classics is almost, if not, unparalled in rock history. My kid –now 37 — listens to the WHO and the great 60s-70s bands much more so than she does her “contemporary” bands—because she says the music is truly “memorable” and speaks to us about life. The WHO has established a musical legacy unlikely to be matched. How fortunate are we to experience it all !!!!!


    I Love The Who Forever

  119. spanish says:

    WHERE IS MADRID?????????

  120. Adrija G. says:

    Thank you for being such a companion to many of us in the world who find teenage a big problem. I’m in my late teens now, and after hearing Quadrophenia I knew I am not alone.

    #respect 🙂

  121. Volker says:

    I remember the years: It was my birthday and I get money from my older sister. I go the the recordshop an buy ” I´m a boy ” from the Who. This was my first single.

  122. Javier says:

    I don’t see Madrid in tour dates. Please don’t forget your spanish crowd. One of the best crowds of the universe. See you soon (I hope).

  123. Juanjo says:

    At the last European tour was suspended Barcelona concert. Please come this time. You will meet with the best audience in the world.

  124. Axel says:

    I’ missing a concert in Austria or South Germany. Quadrophonia in 1997 in Vienna was so great.

  125. Johnny Doran says:

    At last the gods are coming to Belfast, can’t wait!!!!

  126. Sidekick says:

    With every year that passes, the musicianship in the original Quadro album sounds better and better. Can’t wait to see it live.

  127. PeterH says:

    Please, please come to Berlin/Germany too. It’s so long we’re already waiting for you!!!!!!!
    Cheers Peter

  128. Helge Krogsgaard says:

    … and what about all your fans and friends in Copenhagen?
    Pls consider an additional venue here

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