“Impossible not to feel the visceral power” ~ The Times

“Townshend and Daltrey deploy full orchestra to electrifying effect” ~ The Guardian





Tickets go on-sale WEDNESDAY 14 DECEMBER at 11:00am CET

OFFICIAL WHO FAN CLUB members get ticket access on Monday 12 December – 48 HOURS BEFORE general on-sale.

Become an Official Wholigan. Join today to secure your ticket for The Who Hits Back! European Tour! Just click on this link for the Wholigan Fan Club.

Legendary rock band The Who have announced their first European dates in seven years. The shows will see the band performing with a full orchestra each night. The iconic band’s upcoming European tour will feature the band bringing their orchestral rock show to Berlin, Paris, Florence and Barcelona for the first time.

Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey and band will be performing music from throughout the band’s nearly 60-year career, including sections devoted to classic albums Tommy and Quadrophenia as well as other beloved Who tracks and songs from their 2019 WHO album, their first studio release in 13 years.

The 2023 European shows follow this year’s highly acclaimed The Who Hits Back! tour of Canada and the US, where the band shared the stage  with some of the finest orchestras in North America.

The 2023 European tour will feature THE WHO’s full live band comprised of guitarist/backup singer Simon Townshend, keyboardist Loren Gold, second keyboardist Emily Marshall, bassist Jon Button, drummer Zak Starkey and backing vocals by Billy Nicholls, along with orchestra conductor Keith Levenson, lead violinist Katie Jacoby and lead cellist Audrey Snyder.

Commenting on playing in Europe for the first time in almost a decade, Pete Townshend said, “It is wonderful that we can return to Europe after so long away, to play Berlin, Paris, Florence and Barcelona, four of my favourite cities in the world. We look forward to bringing our grand orchestral show which has received such great reviews so far and play some old-fashioned Who-style rock ’n’ roll songs from our back catalogue as well. We mix it all up in the most amazing evening of music: I have to say that this show is one that I personally enjoy as much as anything I have ever done in the 60 years I’ve been working with Roger. I so look forward to visiting these beautiful cities to see our old fans, and I hope we meet some new ones. We are so lucky to be able to spend an evening with you all.”

The Who wound up their The Who Hits Back! tour of the US in November this year, having wowed audiences in over thirty cities, with media and fans agreeing that the band were as good as, if not better than ever and that the orchestral arrangements, most of which were done by the legendary David Campbell, brought a new depth and excitement to Pete Townshend’s music.







  1. Wonderful. Will there be shows in London too?

  2. Mark Smith says:

    Great news… but again disappointed about no UK date many of us still out of pocket from the UK tour being cancelled.. just a glimmer of hope would be good
    Still going to try for a ticket France hopefully and then travel from the UK
    Keep well and stay safe…

  3. Gary Woollard says:

    Great news about the euro dates hopefully some Uk ones to follow

  4. I really hope you will come to Oslo too!!

  5. Giorgio says:

    Long live rock… but not in Italy? it seems so.
    So disappointed about no dates in my country.

  6. Ed says:

    What date for the Netherlands?

  7. Richard says:

    I know that some people have been asking about UK shows. I’m sure there will be some next year. I believe it is down to the insurance policy that The Who could not tour in the UK this year… Pete recently told rolling stone I think it was that there would be dates in 2023 in the UK

  8. Linda Sweeden says:

    Fingers crossed for a UK tour
    After two cancelled tours because of the pandemic. We’ve missed you lads

  9. Delangre says:

    Belgium calling! May be in Bruxelles like the stones?
    I hope so.

  10. Marco says:


  11. Franco Malugani says:

    Begging for a date in Italy !!!!!!

  12. Benno says:

    Great news…
    But definitely get a Dutch gig in that tour!!
    So, next up: Holland!

  13. Kenton Barker says:

    Uk date? Still have my ticket although refunded for the canceled gig in Liverpool

  14. Nico says:

    The Netherlands please

  15. Kenneth Riley says:

    What about England, I had tickets for the concert cancelled by Covid

  16. Patrice Pascal says:

    yesssssss…at PARIS !!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Brian Rowe says:

    I’m pleased to see this for my friends in Spain. I’ve been telling them how great the two shows I saw with orchestra were in Ohio this spring and fall. Roger’s voice has never sounded richer.

  18. Bart Boodts says:

    Please, please, come to Belgium again!

  19. Cherie says:

    Come on U.K. needs u , Glastonbury???

  20. I want to join together with the band

  21. Benno says:

    Still no UK dates? I’ve been waiting since the cancelled dates in 2020. Glad to see the shows going on tho 👍

  22. Love you guys. Saw you at Pontiac Silverdome in 1975. Fantastic show. Detroit area. Tampa earlier this year. Also great show. Son first time. Keep Rocking!!!

  23. Thore Henry says:

    Oslo and Gothenburg are waiting for you!

  24. drew, ricky, jackie and john says:

    Weve seen the Who many, many times going all the way back to the seventies, all great shows. THIS show with the orchestra we saw in New York in 2022 was the best we have ever enjoyed. Pete, Roger, and company just keep getting better!

  25. Thomas M says:

    Any chance of Dublin appearing on the list?

  26. sue chapman says:

    where/when will tickets for Paris be on sale?
    would love to come.

  27. Jan Piet Bergshoeff says:

    And Amsterdam ????

  28. Gail Rosen says:

    Why not Amsterdam would love to see The Who again

  29. Eri Geer says:

    Please do a uk tour we need it after what we have been through over the last few years. Concert would lift everyone’s spirits. From a teenager of the 60s.

  30. Andrew doel says:

    Love the who0+-can you come to west country

  31. I saw The WHO in Seattle after flying down from Anchorage Alaska. I took my 14 year old son to see his first rock concert. I am a huge WHO fan and was blown away by the energy and power. Will there be a CD made of this tour?

  32. Stuart A Cohen says:

    WOW ! I loved their show on Thursday June 13, 1974 at Madison Square Garden, New York City Quadrophenia
    Summer Tour ‘74

  33. Thierry Lapeyre says:

    Merci de m’informer de vos tournées

  34. Please come to new Zealand my 13 year old grandchild is obsessed with the who , please please please come to Nelson or Christchurch New Zealand

  35. Romeo DaSilva says:

    I missed the concert this time around Hopefully I can catch Them It would be cool seeing him in a different place

  36. Jan-Arie says:

    I hope you come to Holland as well, last 2 concerts in Amsterdam were fantastic.

  37. Bart says:

    How about the Netherlands?

  38. Alan Brunker says:

    Surely there has to be Uk tour been waiting 3 years since last tour was cancelled be a fantastic show with orchestra the Greatest live band ever can’t wait the WHO forever !

  39. Mark Eliasen says:

    I have dublin tickets 18th-march-20 ,waiting ages

  40. CREvans says:

    Brilliant news. I’m sure that there will be UK dates to follow. Can’t wait to see the lads back on stage live again!

  41. LE NUZ says:

    Commentary in French language
    Vu les WHO,first time,Poitiers,France,février 1974 with Keith Moon
    running on stage
    Vu les WHO,au moins 10 fois en concert,plusieurs fois a Paris,une fois
    a Los Angeles.
    Pete est la tete pensante(intellectual head) but Roger is the boss
    Sorry for my English language,i must improve
    Rendez vous le 23 juin,Paris.

  42. Milan says:

    And first time Praque?

  43. Claudio & Adriana says:

    Please come back to Milano, Italy!!!! My wife and I are waiting for You guys!!!

  44. Leticia E. Rea says:

    One of the best shows I’ll ever have seen in my life. The Who is a MUST.

  45. Noel Ebbs says:

    Come on lads! Ireland! Music capital of Europe! 🤘

  46. The Who have not played in Sweden scince july 2007. It’s high time we Will have that honour once more.

  47. Maciek says:

    I hope they will finaly come to poland for the first time

  48. Paul says:

    There’s a gap for bst hyde park just a maybe for uk date

  49. Carlos says:

    Italy cooming soon!!!!

  50. Reno de Bruin says:

    Ziggo Dome Amsterdam great venue for the next Who concert in 2023
    Hope to see you there Pete en Roger and the fantastic tour band !!

  51. Wonderful!!!!!
    Will be looking forward to see you in Denmark?!🙏🏼❤️

  52. Jürgen NAGEL says:

    What about Denmark ?

  53. The Real Joe says:

    Dying to see you in Stockholm, Sweden! Except for all the major acts The Eagles played here on a rare occasion on their exclusive 2018 european tour. You will not be disappointed!

  54. Dani says:

    Come to South America again, please!!! 😭

  55. Joerg says:

    But where can i find the presale link for the wholigan fan Club?

    1. The Who says:

      Once you join The Who Fan Club you will receive a unique pre-sale code by email.

  56. Austria Vienna please🙏🤘

  57. Ivory Rodriguez says:

    I bought my Fan Club membership and did not receive the pre-sale code!

  58. PATRICK RUELLE says:

    A date in Belgium ?… Saw you 2 times in Brussels (Quadrophenia) and Antwerp Sport Paleis !… Should be so happy to see you again !…

  59. Peter says:

    Amsterdam or Rotterdam please

  60. nicola boscarato says:

    A question: ThE WHO’s full live band comprised of guitarist/backup singer Simon Townshend, keyboardist Loren Gold, second keyboardist Emily Marshall, bassist Jon Button, drummer Zak Starkey and backing vocals by Billy Nicholls, along with orchestra conductor Keith Levenson, lead violinist Katie Jacoby and lead cellist Audrey Snyder.
    BUT also Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, true????

    1. The Who says:

      Yes, including Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey

  61. richard says:

    got a ticket immediately, a dream comes true, greetings from berlin richard

  62. Kim Bjerg says:

    Yes – got my tickets for the Berlin show. 4 guys from Aalborg, Denmark is coming…

  63. Chris Ogg says:

    Great concert!!!!

  64. I got my tickets for Barcelona s concert june 14 th. Travelling from Bs As (Argentina) Can t belive it!

  65. Max says:

    STOCKHOLM! We miss you here, the show in 2007 was pure Magic!!!

  66. Björn says:

    Please come to Gothenburg, Sweden.

  67. Karstem says:

    We are happy with the band. See you in Berlin. long live rock

  68. dan says:

    How about a return trip across the pond for a summer show in Toronto??
    By the way , Phenomenal show October 2, 2022 in Toronto !!

  69. john says:

    Hoping with others on a concert in Belgium or Holland.

  70. Nazareth says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Denmark !!🇩🇰

  71. Laurent Douglas says:

    Why ask to the Who to come to UK for a Tour? You should know that The Who is a English band and it will be in UK that their last dates will be take place. Maybe for a Summer festival this year or in 2023 ou 2024. Less probably in Netherlands, Germany or Scandinavia. But I really don’t know actually. If you love the Who you Can Come in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, or Firenze especially if you live in Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia whatever.

  72. Th. Smeele says:

    Rotterdam/Amsterdam Calling!!

  73. Heiko says:

    Great to see the Who in Berlin. I always thought Waldbühne would be a great place for the best band in the world, Already got Tickets. Good to combine the trip from Stuttgart to Berlin to see my daughter in Berlin. Looking forward to the show. Hope that the venue will be packed

  74. Sascha Rottmann says:

    Kommen The Who auch mal, nach Österreich? Vielleicht nach Graz? Würde mich freuen, wenn Pete, Roger und Band mal, in die Steirische Landeshauptstadt kommen könnten! Bis jetzt waren The Who nur in Wien.

    Translation: Will The Who ever come to Austria? Maybe to Graz? I would be happy if Pete, Roger and the band could come to the Styrian capital! Until now, The Who have only been in Vienna.

  75. Fawn Hill says:

    I guess I missed the North American dates? 🙁 would love to see you guys live, idk if I will ever get the chance… love The Who though!!!

  76. Nederland kan ook! Amsterdam is een idee!
    Of België of Oberhausen.

  77. peter stiekema says:

    In the past, early seventies en late sixties, you toured with a Dutch band, Golden Earring in the USA.
    Earring stopped in 2021 because of a serious illness (ALS) of George Kooymans.
    I thought that Pete and Roger might be interested in this information.


    Peter Stiekema, Whofan since 1965.
    Hope to see you in London.

  78. Malc says:

    Still waiting to see you at Manchester Arena, what’s happened since 2021?

    1. The Who says:

      All 2021 UK tour dates were cancelled due to the pandemic and tickets refunded.

  79. Rosario says:

    Any chance of any extra dates in Europe?

  80. Andy says:

    No Netherland? 🙁

  81. Tommy says:

    What a wonderful show and beautiful venue.
    Tears of joy and sadness – probably also a farewell.

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