Jeff Beck 1944-2023

“So sad to hear that Jeff Beck has passed away. Last time I worked with him was when he played a lead solo part on an orchestral version of ‘Love Reign O’er Me’ for a BBC concert. His work was impeccable as ever. He walked into Abbey Road Studio 1 with a guitar and asked if I had an amp he could use. He really could get his sound with almost any amplifier. His circle of friends in the music business is vast, we are all partly in shock. He always kept his ‘look’, scraggy black hair, strong face and scrawny rock star physique. It was rumoured he didn’t eat much! But we thought he would go on forever.

Why are we only “partly” in shock? All of us from the first wave of UK rock and pop that followed in the wake of The Beatles back in the early ‘60s are all getting older of course, and when our time comes it comes. And Jeff lived a great life in music, and had a wonderful and beautiful partner in Sandra. He loved his cars, which he engineered himself. He was never bored. He surrounded himself with some of the greatest players in the business, so his concerts were always spell-binding.

Most of all, Jeff was easy to be around, so natural as a musician with such a good ear for melody, as soon as he heard something, he could play it, it fell under his fingers. He was never flashy, his good taste was a huge part of his art. It’s a great relief to know he died peacefully.

The Miles Davis of rock guitar, he will never be forgotten, and those of us who were his friends feel lucky to have known him.”


“Jeff was my favourite lead guitarist, always original, and a big loss to the music scene.  I send my condolences to his wife Sandra.”


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  1. Brian Lassman says:

    Beautifully said. 🙏🏻💖
    The Miles Davis of guitar.

  2. Jeff says:

    Thank you Pete

  3. The passing of Jeff Beck is a tremendous blow to the music world. His legacy will surely be remembered, and his music will live on. Rest In Heavenly Peace Jeff.

  4. Christopher Hesley says:

    Video above is amazing. I love it when a lead portion comes about and Pete simply stops and watches Jeff play. Homage of the highest accord. Godspeed Jeff Beck@

  5. Len says:

    A player who at the end has family who loves him and mates who can still found the sound won.

    We’re all losing friends. We grieve with you.

  6. Manuel Martinez says:

    Jeff was an inspirational player and I am grateful for the music he created and shared with us. He was a gift to all who appreciated his talent.

  7. Andie Cayne says:

    Jeff was my all-time guitar hero. He could get tones out of his guitar that often appeared ethereal – just with his fingers.
    I simply had not expected him to go now!
    Personally, I am so grateful to have had the chance to see him one last time at the rescheduled Royal Albert Hall concert and, of course, his music will live on forever.

  8. Rick Dillman says:

    The first “big” rock concert I attended was The Who 03/1976 at the Salt Palace. I was blown away by the power of the music and the magesty of the performance. Many concerts and many years since I once again felt the same power and magesty. It was the first and only time I saw Jeff Beck. It amazes me he could do that at 74 years old. So glad I was able to experience that.

  9. Peter Mitchell says:

    I have only known Jeff beck for hi ho silver lining and over under sideways down but a great light has sadly gone out rest in peace Jeff

  10. Trevor Denton says:

    So so very sad that Jeff B, has left this mortal planet, he was a really nice person, and I can’t believe that I won’t see him driving around the wadhurst lanes anymore, condolences to his family, a brilliant guitarist,and always had the time of day for anyone,,terrible news 😭

  11. Andrew Granovsky says:

    Saw him perform many many times over the years. Most recently with Rod Stewart.

  12. Kim Mullen says:

    Pete, So beautifully said..Im a huge fan of JB and im crying now from your words about Jeff Beck. A big part of my youth is gone. Music industry lost a bright light..Heaven’s light is shinning today..
    And im sorry for you and Roger that you’ve lost a good friend and fellow musician..
    RIP JB

  13. Marina says:

    What a magic musician he was. Special for sure. Unassuming. Relished ever note he played. God bless you, supreme.

  14. I goto see Jeff at the ARMS MSG for Ronnie Lane. The greats played: Eric C, Keith R, Jimmy P but when Jeff played, they all deferred to him. It was awesome and magical. I saw him last in 2018 at Jones Beach Theather and he did not disappoint. Tell Roger I am friends with Leslie Mendelsohn who did a fund-raiser for our charity. Drummer Rabbi Joe F is also one of my best friends. I also am friends with his brother David F

  15. For all serious guitar students from the era of the 60s to today. Bummer in a big way. Winterland San Francisco.

  16. Chris Brewin says:

    I’ve seen loads of clips of Jeff since he passed. I wish I had understood how gorgeous a guitarist he was before. A lovely tribute from Pete who is my own favourite guitarist bar none. RIP.

  17. Gina says:

    Crushed. I met him once at mailboxes inside a building of posh flats. Was a brief, happy moment. Phenomenal guitar player.

  18. Such a sad loss to the whole music industry.. such a fantastic guitarist, and just an all round great guy !
    One thing I will always regret is not seeing him in a live performance.
    He will be missed by millions of fans and artists around the globe .. RIP Jeff & condolences to his lovely wife Sandra

  19. CourseWho says:

    Gee, another guitar legend of the golden 1960s and beyond gone. Rest in peace Jeff…
    The orchestral instrumental rendition of Pete and Jeff sharing lead guitar duties is just fantastic.

  20. Tom Hunter says:

    Jeff Beck is my favorite guitarist of alltime. RIP Jeff.

  21. christian Felix MANFREDI says:

    Sincères condoléances à un Ami de la belle musique d’un pro à toutes sa famille avec sa disparition ses des années de ma jeunesse qui s’envole au firmament des musiciens un sacré orchestre là-haut que des belles personnes chill yolo

  22. Mark Bailey says:

    The Who have been at the forefront of my British Rock collection since the late 60’s. Thank you for decades of listening enjoyment.

  23. Sara says:

    The Miles Davis of rock guitar. Perfect description.

  24. Hoagie says:

    What a wonderful masterpiece that Pete and Jeff did that night playing Love Reign…

    RIP Mr Jeff Beck condolences to his family

    I always enjoy listening to his style of guitar and how he makes the instrumental solos so fascinating

  25. Frank Bandiero says:

    “You know who” on Beck’s bolero. One of rock’s finest moments.
    A monumental loss.
    A true legend of guitar

  26. Rene G. Vasquez says:

    A vast career as a contributor and a solo artist. Just a magnificent talent and, from what I’ve heard and read as of late, a wonderful human being. Whereas I hope to lead a long and fruitful life, I can hardly wait to hear Beck, Entwistle, Moon and Elvis rock the heavens during open mic night at the astral jam session in the sky.

  27. Peter Seidel says:

    Jeff Beck, for more than half a century he had his own place in my life, like a unique piece of beloved furniture he was part of the inventory, remained standing still without ever standing still. As well as for the rare other creative top minds on that level of virtuosity, like Frank Zappa and in first row Pete Townshend, musical redundance in Jeff Beck’s ears must have been the symbol of the lowest vault of hell. Not a single yawning never left my face listening to you. I am with you Jeff, and RIW – Rest in Wah Wah.

  28. Patricia says:

    Beautiful Words for a great man, excellent musician ,in my opnion, World’s greatest guitar player…
    Rest in Love Jeff.

  29. Andrew says:

    My two favourite troubadour’s Amazing!

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