The Sound of Quadrophenia


Last year, the Who were in the process of restoring and remixing the album in 5.1 surround sound for its deluxe box set release when Criterion contacted them about their upcoming release of the film. Working closely with the Who’s sound engineer, Bob Pridden, and the film’s editor, Sean Barton, they then created a remixed 5.1 surround soundtrack using a variety of sound elements from the album and the movie to make an immersive audio experience.


To read the full story about this and to watch a video of Bob Pridden talking about the immersive experience of surround sound, go HERE.


To buy the DVD, go HERE. (U.S. only).







3 thoughts on “The Sound of Quadrophenia”

  1. Frank Bandiero says:

    The sound on all of the remixed versions of Quadrophenia over the years has progressively gotten better. My one and only complaint is the bark of the seal in “Dirty Jobs” should have been put in for the director’s cut, even if only as a bonus track. Every time I hear the song without it (and I know its been years since it was mixed out) there’s an emptiness that just feels wrong.
    …you men should remember how you used to fight * * *

  2. Andy Clarke says:

    I agree, I loved that sound. I love the album. I grew up near Clacton in Essex, England. It wasn’t Brighton but it still feels like a soundtrack to any seaside town that the Mods frequented in the 60’s.

  3. sean whelan says:

    I am left to the bone,I

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