Some changes at team hard to add some new features to the site. Many of these address some of the items raised by fans in a recent survey.
They include:

  • News stories to allow your comments (must be logged in)
  • Share news stories to Facebook, Twitter and other sites via ShareThis
  • Discography pages broken out by category
  • Backgrounds to be darker which will make the reading and browsing experience more pleasant and easier. Certain text areas to have larger font
  • New Community system and message boards. Your site display name will be the same on news comments as well as message board posts. Sign in just once to and remain signed in to the message boards.

The old forums/community are still available to read and check through. They’re at We’ll keep these boards up and oporational for a couple of days as we work out any bugs with the new boards. Then, after a day or two, we’ll still link to the old boards, but they will be ‘read only’.
The COMMUNITY link at the top of each pages links to the NEW Community area. Step in and have a look.
There may be a few kinks to work out over the next day or two… thanks in advance for your patience!

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