10 years ago….

On February 8th, 2002, at the Royal Albert Hall, John Entwistle played his last gig with The Who in aid of teenage cancer trust.
His friend, Lesley-Ann Jones, writes about him in her blog in a way that may well have raised an oxish eyebrow.
Here’s one extract, in which she quotes John talking about Who drummer Keith Moon:
‘He was shabby, never really grew out of it. We were two of a kind. Always shared a room on the road and got up to no good. We could make each other laugh, always agreed to agree. It made us stronger within the band. We’d listen to the others getting on their high horses about something, look at each other and fall about. We had so much to hide. We dumped a dead fan in a wheelie bin one night, only to have him come back to life in our room. We thought he was haunting us. And we blew up a toilet in an Alabama hotel room, because they told us we couldn’t have room service. We did it with a cherry bomb, which wouldn’t flush away. That toilet was dust all up the walls by the time we checked out. Which we had to, the management brought our suitcases down to the gig and said ‘don’t come back … I’ve probably cried every single day since Keith died. He went in 1978. I’ve never actually calculated, but it’s an awful lot of tears.’
To read the full blog, CLICK HERE.

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