“It has been a tough fortnight, first Lemmy dying which was awfully sad – such a lovely guy, then the King himself, David Bowie. This has been the hardest of all in my lifetime, to accept and realise. We grew up with Bowie’s music blaring out, eagerly anticipating what his next alter ego might be. With changes, he changed everything. I dearly loved him and his work, all of it – even ‘Lazarus’ produced under great duress and ill health is brilliant. What a genius. And to top all that he had a cheeky sense of humour – look how he left us all a parting gift of his last video…. Like Mozart’s Requiem for his own death. Unbelievable. Goodbye everything!

As part of the Independent Venue Week, on Friday 29 January at the Half Moon in Putney I’ll be performing with a full band featuring Mark Brzezicki, Phil Spalding and Tony Lowe – I hope to see you there as it’s gonna be amazing. With the imminent release of two CDs for the first time here in the UK, Looking Out Looking In and Denial, on my own new record label, Stir Records – I’ve got plenty to shout about. There will be a limited edition CD/EP available at the venue so come on down for the launch. The Standard Lamps are doing an acoustic set, too. Great stuff. Hello world!”

Simon Townshend
Details of Simon’s Half Moon gig here:

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