11 thoughts on “ROGER HITS 72!”

  1. David says:

    Best Wishes Roger! U was at Wembley Arena,Hyde Park and the O2 during the last year and every time I see you and The Who play I am always lifted! Absolute legends.Long Live The Who…have a fab tour and to see you again live would be fantastic!Only wish I could afford to see you in NA!:-)

  2. Yumiko Wordley says:

    Happy birthday Roger! We are following you everywhere in England! We loved to see you, at O2, Hyde Park and Wembley Arena!

  3. courseivy says:

    Happy birthday Roger and many more I hope!

  4. Catherine says:

    Hey, Roger! A very Happy Birthday ! A Happy and Healthy New BD Year ahead!

    A fan from 1967 onward, with all the ups and downs of you guys. Caught my first gig with the last power-pop stage show clothes – you had on a red velvet suit (pete w the white spangled jacket). Saw all tours up through 81 & the ?89 one.

    One of my most cherished was Forest Hills 1971 for “Who’s Next”: where you sang “Pure & Easy” with both such sweetness & power; younger fans might not know that P & E was NOT on WN in it’s Original Vinyl recording. It was a glorious mystery- “Oooooh! What is THAT!!??!!

    Couldn’t afford to see you guys at FH last year BUT, yes, I SAT OUTSIDE. You sounded great! Love Reign O’er was fantastic. I was so happy, impressed, and glad I went out there. 😀
    Thanks and enjoy the rest of your Tour!

  5. Robert Jones says:

    So glad you recovered from the meningitis, I’m a nurse and my friend the anesthesiologist (and wives) are looking forward to seeing your second to the last show on tour in Sunny San Diego (was to be the opener before your illness!). Last time I saw you was “farewell” tour in 82? in Orlando! Rock on Roger!

  6. Tom Oakley says:

    Long Live Roger! You were Awesome in Detroit! ‘Love Reign O’er Me.” You absolutely killed it !!! Thank you and happy 72nd !

  7. stepee says:

    Happy birthday Mr Daltrey

  8. Rob Fricke says:

    Dear Roger, happy birthday again! And many more years!,
    Hope we see you next year in North Carolina again.

  9. Kevin Hogue says:

    Happy 72 Roger…Be Lucky! an inspiration to us younger blokes… HAH


  10. don Fornataro says:

    We were there for your birthday roger snowstorm and all you and the band were beyond sensational!
    You sounded great this is our 7th time seeing the band and it gets better ever time !!!!!! Long live rock and long live the who!!!!!! Thank you and Pete for everything you’ve ever done you are the greatest rock band in the world !!!! I hope we can see you again mr. Daltry

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