Roger guest stars on Chris Evans’ How To Wow podcast

Roger Daltrey was a guest on Chris Evans’ new podcast series How To Wow. Episode #13 is now available to listen to or download from here.

Roger talks for around 90 minutes on a range of subjects including How to invent rock (which he actually did with The Who), how not to take acid but make do with the odd hit of pot, how not to let Jimi Hendrix steal your act, how to raise a shit load of money to help teenagers with cancer and how to be a rock god and manage to stay married for 54 years!

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1 thought on “Roger guest stars on Chris Evans’ How To Wow podcast”

  1. John Calton says:

    Talking about my older brothers’ generation, and more especially the world my Dad as a young man had to deal with after the last calamity. Roger made guitars, we made go-carts and did daredevil stuff on bikes in the overgrown gravel pits in Shorne in Kent, confident that the other Roger (Moore) would be watching from his kitchen window. Whether he was or not, the belief was enough.

    I took my boys to see the show in Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena and will take them again. And if there’s an orchestra along too, I’ll take out a small mortgage and get a few more along.

    Very moving chat. Very real chat.

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