Essential The Who out now!

Universal/Spectrum has released a new 3CD  collection containing 49 prime tracks from The Who’s 55-year career. Essential The Who is out now! This 3CD collection brings together all the hits at an incredible price. Featuring ‘My Generation’, ‘Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere’ and the soaring ‘I Can See For Miles’. You can get your copy here:

01: Anyway, Anywhere, Anyhow
02: I Can’t Explain
03: My Generation
04: The Ox
05: The Goods Gone
06: Much Too Much
07: Circles
08: Whiskey Man
09: Run, Run, Run
10: So Sad About Us
11: I Can See for Miles
12: Armenia City in The Sky
13: Tattoo
14. Call Me Lightning
15: Rael (Pt 1 & 2)
16: I’m Free
17: Amazing Journey
18: Sparks

01: Pinball Wizard
02: Here For More
03: Baba O’Riley
04: Behind Blue Eyes
05: Getting in Tune
06: Pure And Easy
07: I’m One
08: The Real Me
09: 5:15
10: Long Live Rock
11: However Much I Booze
12: Slip Kid
13: Who Are You
14: Trick of the Light
15: You Better You Bet
16: Eminence Front
17: It’s Not Enough
18: Old Red Wine

01: Won’t Get Fooled Again (Live at Shepperton from the movie soundtrack The Kids Are Alright)
02: Amazing Journey/Sparks (Live at Leeds medley 1970)
03: Magic Bus (Live at Leeds 1970)
04: Summertime Blues (Live at Leeds 1970)
05: Shakin’ All Over (Live at Hull 1970)
06: Naked Eye (Live at the Young Vic from Who’s Next deluxe)
07: Bargain (Live at the Young Vic from Who’s Next deluxe)
08: Pinball Wizard (Live at Woodstock from the movie soundtrack The Kids Are Alright)
09: I’m Free (Live bootleg album from Tommy deluxe)
10: Go To The Mirror (Live bootleg album from Tommy deluxe)
11: See Me Feel Me (Live at Woodstock from the movie soundtrack The Kids Are Alright)
12: Young Man Blues (Live at the Isle of Wight 1970)
13: Relay (Live at Lyon 2006 from the deluxe edition of Endless Wire)

13 thoughts on “Essential The Who out now!”

  1. Jeff says:

    Seems no different than the 50 hits double CD set except for more live material. I dislike live stuff. Love unreleased studio material.

  2. Allen Fink says:

    Congratulations gentleman on your latest album release, it is welcome good news at a time when the music world could really use it ! And I am looking forward to many enjoyable listening hours,and again many thanks!

  3. Tom Barclay Matchett says:

    What a bizarre track listing. How can it be an essential collection of Who tracks without Love Reign O’er Me, Bell Boy or a studio version of Won’t Get Fooled Again and so sign of Substitute? Nothing from the last two albums, so no remix of Beads On One String. Just three tracks from Quadrophenia. Pinball Wizard from Woodstock, which was a terrible recording. Amazed that its missed out on some of the new orchestestral tour tracks. Would have been good for the new material that they’ve been playing.

  4. Tom Reid says:

    Cool collection. Some really good choices. I might buy it, but it’s got some real omissions. For example, what possible argument is there for including “Here for More” and leaving out “Pictures of Lily,” “Happy Jack” and “Heaven and Hell”??? Not to mention “A Quick One While He’s Away” unless you’re pleading space requirements (in which case, I’d trade it for “Relay,” especially a 2006 version without Keith and John). Am I just an old geezer fan of the early Who for whom those early singles were so exciting in the late 60s and the live shows that began with “Heaven and Hell” in the early ’70s so transcendent?

  5. Very cool collection for a new Who fan.
    For an old fan like me I really would like songs not used, or version 2 , 3 or etc… or the old live songs remastered.
    However listen to remastered sound today will have the best sound as they played and recorded.

  6. Luis Corró says:

    Another “best of” ? Excluding the remixed version of “Bead on One String” ? excluding rare mixes such as “Cousin Kevin”, “Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hide” or “Circles” ? Not on unreleased song ? My preference goes to the “See Me Feel Me” Woodstock version…the very best ever !

  7. Railwaymaster11 says:

    It’s great to see Rael finally make it onto a compilation! One of the most important and overlooked Who songs.

  8. frank osko says:

    Another best of album… with a couple of nice twists but some huge omissions. The top live tracks should be on its own release to allow for more top studio tracks.

    Let’s have a do over -allow the fans vote on the tracks of a 3 disk essentials compilation!

  9. Dan Stenger says:

    Finally we have The Good’s Gone on a compilation. What a great early song! Circles is a wonderful addition too.

  10. Jason Paris says:

    Not quite sure how ‘Here For More’ and the trainwreck live version of ‘Bargain’ are “essential”, but ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ and ‘Love Reign O’er Me’ are not.

  11. George Goodwin says:

    The only people that would consider purchasing this are completist collectors or fans new to The Who. Diehard fans are interested in hearing fresh material that has not been previously released. I would to love to purchase a box set of full length concerts from the ’71 – ’76 tours. The View From A Back Stage Pass is a nice tease of what is sitting in the vaults. There are a number of other soundboard shows waiting to be heard and videos to be seen. Live at the Fillmore East was such a nice surprise when released. In the current environment were going die before we get old and I hope to hear more Who concerts before then.

  12. Thomas Roth says:

    Which version of “Circles” is on this release? I still can’t find the superior version from the EP Ready Steady Who on CD.

  13. Mike Davey says:

    It’s the version that’s on “Two’s Missing” and “Rarities 1”, which is I think the one you’re after

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