Roger Daltrey: Who Was I: UK Tour 2022

With just nine days until the first night of Roger’s UK tour, we’re pleased to announce the members of his band for these twelve shows.

Simon Townshend Guitar and vocals

Doug Boyle Guitar

Geraint Watkins Keyboards

John Hogg Bass

Jody Linscott Percussion

Billy Nicholls Backing vocals

Steve Weston Harmonica

Ben Townshend Drums

Katie Jacoby Violin

Simon Townshend, brother of Pete, you will, of course, know very well from countless Who shows.

Doug Boyle on guitar; Doug played guitar for several years with Robert Plant and has played for Nigel Kennedy and in recent years has been a member of Caravan.

Geraint Watkins, Welshman and king of the keyboards, has played for Dave Edmunds, Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler and Slim Chance.

John Hogg on bass, from Indie band Moke, known, appropriately enough, for their 1990s single, ‘My Degeneration’.

Jody Linscott, a regular on Who shows and solo shows for both Roger and Pete.

Likewise, Billy Nicholls, a major part of The Who family for so many years.

Steve ‘West’ Weston – one of Britain’s top blues harp players – you’ll know him from the Going Back Home album which Roger made with Wilko Johnson. Steve is the harp player of choice for Mud Morganfield (Muddy Water’s son) when Morganfield plays shows in the UK.

On drums, Ben Townshend, son of Simon T, who has played on several of Simon’s albums and albums by The Cornerstones.

And who else but  . . . the fabulous Katie Jacoby on violin.

Roger’s special guest on all twelve shows will be Leslie Mendelson.

If you haven’t already got your tickets, go to

22 thoughts on “Roger Daltrey: Who Was I: UK Tour 2022”

  1. Can’t wait for the gig in London

  2. Mark says:

    Can’t wait for Bournemouth, looking forward to seeing Mr Weston on Harp .And of course the man himself Mr Daltrey.

  3. Sacha Freeman says:

    Hi there,I thought I read somewhere that Roger will bring doing a bit of Q&A at his shows. I’ve got a question I’d love him to answer
    kindest regards

  4. Jacquelyn says:

    Come to S.W. Florida! Love Rogers solo tours! ♥️ I’ve been a life time fan! Love to support The Who family! Love&Peace

  5. Mike Carr says:

    Booked my tickets, really pleased but more pleased as to seeing Doug Boyle playing again. What a talent and so glad to see him playing back at this level.

  6. Bernard Baaruch says:

    Bought 2 tickets for the Bournemouth show last September. Unfortunately nothing has arrived and trying to contact AXS Tickets is a nightmare. Looks like we will have lost our money and missed the show. Been a Who fan since 1965 so bitterly disappointed. Reviews on this company on Trip Advisor and elsewhere are appalling.

  7. Ron Nachbar says:

    Look forward to Bournemouth in 2 days. We’re here from California and after 49 years of seeing Mr Daltrey am excited to see this new band. Met Roger in 1979 outside Capital Theater in Passaic NJ after Keith passed. We talked for a few minutes outside his limousine. First saw them in 1973 at the Philadelphia Spectrum 6 weeks after Quadrophenia came out.

  8. Helen Bryant says:

    I THINK you’ll get them emailed shortly before the show… I hope so because I’m still waiting, too.

  9. Chris Mayne says:

    Looking forward to tomorrow nights gig in Bournemouth

  10. Jelle Edelenbosch says:

    Will we be able to arrive in London? Tickets London Palladium (july 17) bought in february and plane booked. But Schiphol is a disaster nowadays. Many flights are cancelled. Consequence: we are shakin’ allover…

  11. Peter Holloway says:

    Here tonight at Bournemouth and looking forward to the show, hope to ask a question 😊 hope he swings the mic round as well

  12. Peter Holloway says:

    What a great night it was in Bournemouth tonight, a fantastic gig and Roger wow the voice is still good, people you will enjoy this tour.

  13. Chris Mayne says:

    Absolutely fabulous first night in Bournemouth!
    Rogers voice matures like a quality wine!
    What an array of great musicians on stage and a good mix of numbers including some Who classics!

  14. Chris Mayne says:

    Wow , what a brilliant first night of the tour in Bournemouth last evening
    Roger Daltrey’s voice seems to mature like a quality Wine!
    Fantastic array of top musicians on stage and a good mix of numbers including’Who Are You’
    Anyone who has booked tickets is in for a treat!

  15. Kenny Freed says:

    Bought my fan pre-sale tickets for Glasgow through AXS and I’m still waiting for mine. I created an AXS account just to prove the tickets had been purchased. I’ll give it a week before I start to panic.

  16. Kenny says:

    Tickets arrived

  17. peter says:

    Went to Bournemouth…..fantastic show. The band are amazing and Roger still has a strong and great voice.. Rock on!

  18. Bill Carter says:

    Saw Roger last night in Portsmouth. What a stunning show! Voice as strong as ever. Funny, witty comments and stories. What a great set! Thank you for a great night Rog and brought back memories of the Marquee.

  19. Paul Plume says:

    Hi there

    Could you please tell me the probably stage times for Roger and Leslie for the London show?

  20. Jeff Sheppard says:

    Birmingham 4th July great show started with Leslie Mendelson don’t stay in the bar and miss her great voice and songs with the guy from Hull.Then the group of brilliant musicians backing Rog stand out was Katie Jacoby on violin reminded me of Nigel Kennedy at the first tct show and of course Mr D voice as good if not better than ever. Thanks for a memorable night made the long drive home seem a lot shorter

  21. Edward Griffiths says:

    Saw Roger and the band last night in Birmingham. Fantastic show and sound, Roger’s voice is still incredible and wow, what a band behind him. Thanks 4 doing this Roger

  22. Steve morris says:

    Went to Birmingham symphony Hall Monday night and it was outstanding.
    Roger was on top form he was like a teenager on stage.

    Very personal show it was as if he was mates with everyone in the audience.
    Thanks Roger for a fantastic evening.
    Simon and Ben along with everyone in the band were brilliant as well

    It was well worth the trip up from Abercynon

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