Roger Daltrey Charity Concert in aid of Teen Cancer America



Don’t miss the opportunity to see Roger Daltrey and his touring band play a one-off show in aid of Teen Cancer America in Costa Mesa, S. California on August 10th.


For tickets and more information, click HERE.







11 thoughts on “Roger Daltrey Charity Concert in aid of Teen Cancer America”

  1. John T says:

    I know this will be an awesome show and for a very worthy cause, can’t wait to experience it.
    Thank you Roger, for this wonderful once in a lifetime moment.
    Be Lucky, Be Happy. 😀

  2. Benjamin Tomas says:

    I’m very curious who will be in the band for this show. I know Roger will have top notch guys, but I’m very curious. My wife and I bought tickets very early in the onsale, so we have great seats!

  3. Dan Meyers says:

    My wife and I are so excited for this concert. We have been Who fans forever. We also very much support the cause. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in the year, has undergone chemo with unsatisfactory results, and will be have surgery Tuesday (the 13th) after the concert. It is a very aggressive cancer and even with the surgery, we have no guarantees. It has been a nightmare dealing with the cancer and the thought of teens dealing with it is heart wrenching. We are middle aged and it has been hard. I can imagine what it must be like for a kid. Looking forward to the concert. Hoping to get a picture with Roger if the opportunity arises.

  4. Rob says:

    I was shocked to find out today that only 3,800 tickets have been sold so far and the show is in 2 days. WTF! The place holds 8,500. Come on people…get yours asses out there!!!

  5. David Layton says:

    Roger works so hard FOR THIS CHARITY.

    & that’ all that were sold!!!

    He should give someone a a “Bunch of Fives”

  6. Cindy C says:

    Fantasic show! We drove down from Fresno, CA and did not realize this was the same day that Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger were going to perform. We were not going to the OC Fair this year being low on funds, but I was still kicking myself for not seeing Roger years ago at the Fresno fair, so we could not miss this one. It was great that Roger mentioned Ray when 1st coming out and a little about the teen cancer cause and what it does! He was funny as hell and relaxed. He performed Pictures of Lilly, The Seeker, Squeeze Box, Folsom prison blues, Ring of fire, very cool! Simon performed Goin mobile! Of course, being a ‘fair show’ the sound police won’t let you play too loud, which Roger mentioned later on, then made him end early. Still so happy we went. Thanks Roger and the band for the great evening!♥

  7. Todd C says:

    Great show and a wonderful cause- Who Cares
    Thanks Roger for a terrific show cut short by the time limit, it was a great night and my almost teenage son loved it!

  8. Rob says:

    The show was great. I’m still shocked the place wasn’t sold out though. Roger was very loose and funny, the band sounded incredible (especially Frank Simes and Scott Devours). The set list was very cool too, they threw in a few songs you don’t hear live too often (The Seeker, Squeeze Box, Goin’ Mobile). Great show for a great charity!

  9. Brian R says:

    This concert was pure magic! The band was great and Roger blew the roof off this outdoor amphitheater. We rocked out! I feel very fortunate to have experienced this show. It doesn’t get any better!!!

  10. cjc says:

    The show was over the top. Thanks for the night Roger! Hope you received the book.

  11. Michele says:

    I wish I had known 🙁 I’m no sure how I missed this. SO bummed. I love what you are doing for these kids and am a huge Who/Roger Daltrey fan!!!

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