Quadrophenia Tour closes with Press and Fans in One Mind?


The Who brought their UK/European tour of Quadrophenia and More to a close on July 8th with a stunning performance of Quadrophenia (“It’s not nostalgia,” as Pete Townshend said so ironically on stage, “it’s pre-history.”) and Who favourites, including “Who Are You”, “You Better You Bet”, “Pinball Wizard”, “Baba O’Riley”, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and, finally, their perennial kiss good night “Tea & Theatre”. As the ecstatic fans left the show at the end, Love reigned over Wembley. 


The concert was in aid of Refuge and Double O Charities.



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“A unique production, the likes of which we are unlikely to see again.” –  Gigwise


“Un trionfo l’opera rock dello storico gruppo in concerto alla Wembley Arena davanti a 25 mila persone per la conclusione del loro tour mondiale.” – Republica


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45 thoughts on “Quadrophenia Tour closes with Press and Fans in One Mind?”

  1. I had the most wonderful evening and saw the best concert in my life by The Who in Amsterdam last Friday July 5th in Amsterdam.
    So touching when Keith and John appeared, made me and my heart cry. Hope to see the DVD en live cd soon.
    Thank you very much Pete and John for the music. It was indeed nostalgia but it is more than timeless music.

  2. Graham Hardy says:

    Truly awesome show. So pleased and honored to have been able to see two legends perform. The whole performance was amazing!

  3. Richard Martinez says:

    Bellboy !! Bellboy !! one of my all time favorites

  4. David Wooldridge says:

    Wow! thanks Pete, Rog and the brilliant band,Traveled down from Yorkshire for the show,amazing,power,passion,belief, energy.made me so happy,long live The Who!
    Still without a shadow of a doubt the greatest rock band on the planet!

  5. Paul says:


  6. Stephen Sins says:

    These guys are the best saw them at the 02 wow !
    I traveled from Somerset worth every penny great memory

  7. Hans says:

    We saw one of the best shows ever at the Ziggo Dome Amsterdam! What a vibe & class music. Paying double respect gentlemen! All the best!

  8. Debbie Marney-Dighton says:

    This gig was so big yet so intimate; so professional yet so moving; and so true to the subject. I went as a lover of The Who and Quadrophenia and left as a complete fanatic. The whole band were just amazing but of course to watch Pete and Roger in action was just spellbinding. What a stellar

    1. pauline currien says:

      How I wish I had been there. So will I be able to see it all on a dvd or TV or as a download or ?? other technical stuff beats me as yet but hope a screening of some sort will be accessible to us housebound ones….Your description made me want to be there so much.

  9. John Kateley says:

    Dear Last Two

    Fantastic concert at Wembley, even though traffic was awful. Wonderful night, wonderful opera, wonderful performace

    John Kateley and Helen the Boss

  10. Luis Fernando says:

    We are still waiting for you in Mexico.

    Best regards
    Luis Fernanado

  11. Jason says:

    I am worried 🙁 There is no great bands out there that interest me to go see. The music now is just a waste of sound. The Who are the only band that can keep the world of music alive!I know The Who will soon come to and end,and that is when the sound of music will end.

    Long Live The Who

  12. stepee says:

    A last couple of things.

    To sum up – fantastic tour, up to an incredibly high standard.
    A question – every time I’ve seen the show Mr Daltry has turned and saluted some family photo style images that are part of the montage. Are they family members or perhaps representatives of “the greatest generation”?

  13. Frank the mod oxford says:

    i have seen the jam live, queen live, depeche mode live,and most Mod bands and i can say the wembley concert was the best gig i have ever been to.went to the sunday night O2 gig and to be honest the place is to big,at wembley i felt in touch with the still buzzing

  14. Duccio says:

    You rocking my live, from ever, for ever!

    Thanks ,Duccio, Milan.

  15. Riccardo says:

    I’m just an italian guy, who travelled to Paris and London, Wembley to see the best rock’n’roll band doing the best album ever: “Quadrophenia”. I’ve cried all the time… I’m on that rock too, under the rain, whishing to drown in the sea. But I’m one. And the Who, Pete, Roger, John and Keith keep me from jumping… Thank you for some of the best moments in my life.

  16. Øyvind Braathen says:

    Quadrophenia is one of my favorite albums, and I missed the tour. 🙁 Will there be another chance in Europe later? Why not come to Norway again? 😉

  17. Patrick says:

    I saw them last friday here in Holland! What an power and energy!
    a registration on dvd would make it complete.

    Thanks everyone who made these show to a big succes!

    Long live rock!!!!


  18. wiviane says:

    And wee are still waiting for you in brazil!

  19. Joan says:

    I hope you do a 50th anniversary tour that includes Seattle. We love you up here!

  20. Mike says:

    Friday at Ziggodome Amsterdam was my 40th WHO gig starting in 1966 – IN-F’KIN-CREDIBLE!! – All this fuss about the Stones gigs when the greatest rock band that ever lived are just around the corner!!!
    As long as they continue – I’ll be there!!!
    Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere!!!!!
    thanks lads – for this tour, all the memories and being the soundtrack of my life!!

  21. Trudi says:

    Would love to see The Who play Quadrophenia in Australia, so come on guys, we haven’t seen you down under for a couple of years, please please come on down!!!

  22. Susan M. says:

    Hi Pete & Rog,

    July 5 was the best night of my life! I was in the 5th row but quite far from both of you. I was on the far left of the stage(where I could clearly see Pino & Simon). Got quite a stiff neck looking to the right (will get tickets in the middle seats next time!) but I surely had one of the best times of my life just watching my idols perform and hear songs that I previously just heard on my CD player. What can I say, the concert as a whole was just fantastic! The songs, the stage & lighting effects, and the band itself. You were all in top form! What made it beyond fantastic was you all seemed happy to be there and you (especially Pete) were enjoying performing the songs for us! Thanks Pete, for telling us all fuckers to stand farts that we are.. I can’t help laughing because in a video clip of a concert in the 70s (YouTube), I watched you shouting at the audience jokingly to sit down! I was glad you are filming the concert in Amsterdam, can’t wait for the DVD release. Thank you, The Who, for this unforgettable night! xxx Susan

  23. Mike Lester says:

    On this current Quadrophenia tour, I saw the band in Las Vegas, The O2, Paris & finally Wembley Arena.
    I believe this final show (@ Wembley) was the best!
    Now here’s to a 50th anniversary tour next year?

  24. Willem Molenaar says:

    Last night I saw THE WHO at the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome. Support act VINTAGE TROUBLE were superb and made many new fans.Then it was time for QUADROPHENIA. It seemed Pete needed some time to really get into it (There were some minor technical problems too.), but after a while he took control and started to address the crowd frequently, creating an intimate atmosphere in this large arena.The Who got better with each song and the last three songs (‘Dr. Jimmy’, ‘The Rock’ and ‘Love reign o’er me’) left the audience in awe.They went on to amaze the crowd with the encore. Townshend referred to the last time they played Amsterdam (Oude Rai, 1972), a long time ago. I was there and I could never have imagined then I would see The Who more than 40 years later, playing a superb concert on a magical night, with my 16 year old son next to me, shouting and screaming in total admiration. Thanks boys!

    Some quotes from Dutch newspapers/sites:

    – “spectacular rendition of controversial rock opera”and “One would almost like to beg The Who to carry on” (De Volkskrant)
    – “The Who defy time in passionate show” (De Stentor)
    – “ Glorious rock show by The Who” (
    – “The Who have lost none of their strength…” (

    Willem MolenaarThe Netherlands

  25. Robert Lester says:

    Absolutely fantastic gig at Wembley Arena. First time I’ve ever seen you live and Quadrophenia is by far my favourite album. Such an evocative and passionate performance.
    Would like to have seen more Mods as it was the final Quadrophenia show, but nevertheless I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

  26. Courseivy says:

    I was in Amsterdam with my father to see The Who last Friday. Absolutely great! They still know how to put on a solid rock show! Pete said that the show was filmed, so I will be waiting for the DVD to be released, should be great! Does anyone know if any of the other concerts have been filmed and/or recorded?

  27. colin waters says:

    I saw the Dublin show and the final one at Wembley,that being the 35th time I have seen The Mighty Who. Both shows were fantastic but I think Wembley was the ultimate. You still get excited about seeing them and the energy from Pete and Roger is still there, along with the footage of Keith and John, it reminded me of the first time I saw them open The Rainbow in early 70’s. WHO knows if I will see them again as a band, I hope so. Pete,Roger, I have grown up with you and you will always be a huge part of my life. I am 58 now. Thank you.

  28. Richard says:

    I saw the shows in New York and Phoenix, AZ. Both were amazing! Will there be a live album and DVD?

  29. Michele Colledan says:

    In 2007 you came to Italy and played in Arena di Verona. Terrible storm, the concert was stopped and then started again without Roger. At rhe end you promised that you would come again. I’m waiting, when? Please come!

  30. David Marley says:

    Flew from Germany to see the best live band in the world at the L:G arena in Birmingham. Saw them in 1963-4 and they just get better after 50 years

  31. b.j.carew says:


    If not the music will thank god

    By far the best ever rock band

    Been watching since 1965 I am glad they were around when I was


  32. Alena says:

    All I can say is thank you for a great tour and hoping that I’ll be able to see you all on stage again!

  33. Brad Blake says:

    I sure hope both a Blu-Ray and deluxe CD release are planned for this tour!!!

  34. Paulo Borges says:

    Just wish they would come to Brazil.
    At least one time…then I could die happy.

  35. Richard says:

    Fantastic final to a great tour…4th row from the front….and the show was recorded. A number or cameras dotted around so hopefully a DVD and blu ray will follow on soon….by the way what happened to the live at Leeds recording from 2006 2007 tour…that still has to see the light of day.

  36. wiviane says:

    Please, come to brazil!

  37. Carolyn Marosy says:

    I was born in 1968 and missed the legendary days of the Who, however, I can look back and say I have now seen the WHO almost 50 times since their ‘farewell tour’ in 1982. I count every show among the greatest nights of my life. Above all, was Quadrophenia at Hyde Park in 96, MSG 96 (all 6 shows), the 96-97 Quad shows, and the return of Quad to the US in 2012. After leaving Dec. 2012 MSG in NYC at the end of the show, I felt such a feeling of despair, feeling it was my last WHO show ever. There were tears in my eyes. I was numb. My wife surprised me the next day at work with a ticket to Prudential Center in NJ that evening. She said she couldn’t bear to see me so sad the night before. I left that show in a much different manner- grateful for all the years the band carried on after the tragic loss of Moonie. Grateful I got to see my heroes numerous times, in some wonderful places. And thankful that despite all the issues within the band, addiction, etc. that Pete pulled it together and rocked on for many, many more years to come. I look back with a tear in my eye, but a smile on my face. “We did it all, didn’t we?” YES, we did. Thank you Roger and Pete….for carrying on. RIP John and Keith. See you on the other side. Long live rock.

  38. Valentina says:

    When are you coming to Buenos Aires, Argentina?!

  39. Brad Blake says:

    I truly await a tour show (dvd blu-ray) and of course a tour Live CD set!!! Wishing for the good old days….

  40. Will McManus says:

    I saw the band play at the o2 with my partner. I’ve lived the part of Jimmy for years without really knowing it. My partner (god bless her) took me back to my scootering days, blew the dust off of my vinyl copy of Quadrophenia, made me listen to it, loudly, it all came back. When i saw and heard The Who play these tracks in front of my eyes, i cried tears of joy. Im an old soldier who has been greatly affected by my experiences and for two and half glorious hours you made me feel alive again. Love to you Pete & Roger. John and Keith we miss, but guys you are still the greatest.

  41. alex says:


    1. Cousin Kevin says:

      I second the request for a DVD !


    What happened to the South American tour?
    We hope that you guys come to Brazil…
    Sorry my bad written english.

  43. Manuel Garduño says:

    I saw you in Vegas on Feb. 10th (I celebrated my 40th birthday with The Who on stage) what else could I ask for?…. Well….. how about the DVD/Bluray of the tour??? Pease!!!!!!!!!!!!

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