Roger Daltrey celebrates his 80th birthday!

Who’d have thought that this little fellow, seen here with his mum Irene, would today be celebrating his 80th birthday?

Seems hard to believe, doesn’t it?

So what better way to mark your 80th birthday than having your own beer made for you by your family brewery!

Jamie, Des, Chris and all the crew at Lakedown Brewery, the company run on the Daltrey family farm and fishing lakes, got together and created a special beer exclusively for Roger to celebrate in style. This Lakedown 3.8% RPA is Roger’s favourite American Pale Ale loaded with Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops for a punchy and aromatic finish. But don’t expect to get your hands on a can of this exclusive beer. It was brewed especially for the guv’nor’ for his birthday.

Cheers, Roger! Wishing you all the best for a very happy birthday!

Image of Roger Daltrey on the can design courtesy of Terry O’Neill / Iconic Images.

Lakedown Brewing Co.

Terry O’Neill at Iconic Images

Please note: Roger’s beer is brewed especially for him on his birthday and is not for sale.

46 thoughts on “Roger Daltrey celebrates his 80th birthday!”

  1. Harry Clark says:

    Happy birthday Rog,CBE. 80 years rocking it out. The original flowing blond God of the rock and roll stage. Best to you and enjoy your beer. Cheers, Slainte. Happy birthday. Harry

  2. Petter Pettersson says:

    happy birthday Roger
    you are an inspiration

    Petter, 28, Sweden

  3. Happy Birthday Roger. I cut and pasted the song My Generation into a clip. I was 8 years old when I heard the song and have been a fan ever since

  4. Morten Cavling Arendrup says:

    Happy birthday Rog 🙂 Look forward to seeing you 20 March at Royal Albert Hall. Rock on 🙂

  5. Martin says:

    Happy birthday Rog! Your music and messaging have been the tapestry, the blanket, the Bible, the Mappa Mundi of my life. Thanks for everything and have a great day. Hope to get down to the farm and sample the special ale.

  6. Richard Fairbanks says:

    Happy Birthday Roger. Keep on Rockin!

  7. Stacy Betlewicz says:

    Happy birthday Roger! My husband has been a big fan of you and The Who since he was a little boy. He was 8 when he attended his first Who concert with his dad.
    We have seen you multiple times since we have been together. Thank you for everything and i hope you have an amazing day!!
    Cheers from Buffalo NY!!!!

  8. Kevin Colby says:

    Happy Birthday Roger! You are an amazing man. Cheers to a life well lived.

  9. Sabine says:

    Happy Birthday Roger Daltrey!

    Happy thoughts fill me when I think back to the performance
    with you on Rockpalast in 1981.

    Sabine from Germany

  10. Richard says:

    Happy Birthday Roger. Spent the morning listening to the Shea Stadium show for 1982 released today. What a blast. Why oh why did The Who only perform ‘It’s Hard’ on this tour. Anyway have a great day and see you on 20th March at Royal Albert Hall which also happens to be our 25th Wedding Anniversary. 8th row from front. What a way to celebrate.

  11. Roger my friend since 40 years ago… Long Live Rock God! Love you! Feliz Cumpleaños!!!

  12. John Vondrak says:

    Happy Birthday, Roger!

  13. Uwe Friebe says:

    Hi Roger, I wish you a happy birthday today!
    The first single I bought: it was Happy Jack. The following years, and still today I think I’m the greatest fan of Roger Daltrey and The Who here in Germany and Bremen. Now I’m 67 years old, I still like and love your music, your singing and Pete’s guitarplaying!!!!! AND THE WHO!!!!!!! Many greetings from here and me, have a good life!!!!!!!
    Uwe Friebe
    Lahnstrasse 21
    28199 Bremen

  14. Cristina says:

    Happy Bday, Rog! All the best!! Please don’t ever stop still sing as good as you did in the 60’s..your voice is great! Rock on!

  15. Jean Doty says:

    Happy Birthday and many more!

  16. Peter Keller says:

    happy Birthday, dear roger. The best Rock Vocal of the World.

    Luck, Peace, Fredom and Health and all what vou wish.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Peter from Düsseldorf/Germany

  17. Dave says:

    Thanks for being the fronr man in the best band ever Happy birthday Roger

  18. David says:

    Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday Roger!
    Thank You So Much for the Joy you bring with all the Music.
    Have a great time at the up coming shows!

  19. Chris hammond says:

    Happy Birthday Roger
    Your music will live on and having seen you again last year at the Who in Barcelona you are as great now as you were in the 60’s
    God bless you

  20. isabella says:

    Happy birthday Roger!! You deserve a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy your exclusive beer!!

  21. Laura Donohue says:

    Happy Birthday Roger!! You are truly the greatest. Amazing and authentic! Your devotion to teens with cancer shows your huge heart which equals your talent. Who would ever say there’s a better rock front man than you! My 19 year old son has enjoyed four concerts over the past 5 years with me. He thought he was going to be a Stones fan until I showed him the way!

  22. Luis says:

    Happy B Day Roger Harry Daltrey. Hope you Will still be rocking a few More years and a new WHO studio album Will be recorded.

  23. peter stiekema says:

    Many happy returns Roger. I hope the beer will be great. Hope to see you and the band in Holland (Amsterdam) or Oberhausen (Germany) please keep on touring (and rocking ofcourse.)

  24. Happy birthday, Roger!!! Take good care of yourself and I wish you at least another eighty more years of good rock. Best wishes from Spain.

  25. Marina Lolli says:

    Happy birthday great roger

  26. Ignace Florin says:

    Slightly delayed, a very happy birthday Roger. You look great

  27. Dan Stenger says:

    Happy birthday, Roger. You are the best. Thank you for all the joy you have brought to the world.

  28. Brenda OConnell says:

    My Mum used to go to bingo with his Mum Lil in Acton. Lovely lady

  29. Robert Lonschein says:

    Happy Birthday Roger. Enjoy your beer. Wish I was having one with you. See you in San Diego Ca., on May 6.

  30. Em says:

    Love The Who..Happy Birthday young man😇Greatest live band in the world of Roc🎯

  31. Elaine says:

    Happy 80th birthday

  32. Giuseppe Stella says:

    Buon compleanno Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Steven page says:

    Happy birthday Mr Daltrey, and many more of them.

  34. Doug Kafer says:

    Happy Birthday Roger!! Thank You for all your contributions to our world !!! Can’t imagine life without you and the band. Thank You again and hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

  35. STEPHEN D Murray says:

    Sir Rog whose unique voice has fronted the ‘orrible ‘oo all these decades. I salute you.

  36. Hoagie says:

    Happy 80th Roger! Congrats and thank you for your music and awesome vocals that you have shared thru the years. I have been fortunate to see the “oo” 8 times (unfortunately sans Moonie– however, saw great performances by you, Pete, John and Zak 3 times!!) Great stuff. I was also graced by a show you did in Norfolk several years ago. Enjoy this period of your life…

    BE LUCKY—God Bless

  37. Dan says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Roger looking as youthful as ever.
    Thanks for the many wonderful shows 1980-2024.
    Toronto, Canada

  38. Marty Silvanic says:

    Happy Birthday Roger!!! Best of luck Tonight in California. AS you say. BE LUCKY!!!! I use that saying all the time. Best wishes

  39. Scott says:

    Happy Birthday Roger Been a Big fan for 50 years. It was an Honor to have met you in Arizona in 1980 with Pete and John. You said to my friend and I ” GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOYS”.

  40. JerryMorse says:

    Happy birthday Roger the WHO is the greatest band ever

  41. I still love you Roger. Forever I will. Gavin’s friend, Melanie (Mel). Met u in 2002- 2004. Gavin Menzies is gone now, but I thank him for introducing us. Love you. Happy 80th!!! Xoxo. Mel ♥️🩵🌹

  42. Frank Bandiero says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Daltrey!
    Many more!
    Thank you for all the wonderful music.
    God bless

  43. Jeffrey S Piubeni says:

    Happy belated birthday Mr. Roger Harry Daltrey!
    Sir you are the reason I became a lead singer and front man and I thank you for the inspiration, no one set the position better than you.
    Many more God Bless

  44. Lola Antun says:

    Happy belated birthday dear Roger. I saw The Who MANY times at the Fillmore East and loved every performance. Thank you for the great memories and wonderful music. Rock on Dude!

  45. Robert Benner says:

    Thank you for all the years that you have given to your profession and to your fans. Beyond appreciated. I hope to see you on your 100th birthday. God bless and good health to you and your family. Regards Robert

  46. Scott Murray says:

    Happy 80th this year Roger! We saw you at Wolf Trap, VA on the 12th of June and what a great time we had watching and listening to you and your band. Thank you for all the music you have given us over the years… Rock on!

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