Roger Daltrey announces 2021 solo tour dates

Roger Daltrey is delighted to announce that he and members of The Who touring band will be on the road late summer 2021, performing some Who hits, a few rarities and some solo hits. So far, seven dates have been announced with several more to follow. Keep checking back on our tour dates page for more information and those all-important ticket purchase links.

Dates announced so far are:

• Thursday August 19: The Shell, San Diego, CA. Tickets

• Saturday August 21: Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys, Stateline, NV. Tickets

• Friday August 27: Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA. Tickets

• Wednesday September 1: Northern Quest Resort & Casino, Spokane, WA. Tickets

• Friday September 3: Washington State Fair, Puyallup, WA. Tickets

• Wednesday September 8: Red Butte Garden, Salt Lake City, UT. Tickets

• Saturday September 11: Laughlin Event Center, Laughlin, NV. Tickets

UPDATE! 24 JUNE 2021

“When I booked these shows several months ago I was confident that things would be back to normal by August, but due to the uncertainty of the current travel situation and the challenges for a UK act to be able to perform in the USA I have reluctantly decided to cancel the shows. I hope to re-book them in the near future, and to those of you who have bought tickets, please accept my sincere apologies.
I do appreciate your support and can’t wait to get back to work once the time is right.”

~ Roger Daltrey

134 thoughts on “Roger Daltrey announces 2021 solo tour dates”

  1. Julian Brammer says:

    Don’t forget Abu Dhabi

  2. john and tina rowley says:

    what a shame the boys never got to do the shows for last year in the uk or do them this year ether!! we had tackets for 2 different WHO shows but ended up getting our money back but sadly my husband died in march so he wont ever get to see his favourite band again!

  3. Bob Bigwood says:

    Come to the east coast, would love to see you again in St. Augustine

  4. DUKE FRENCH says:

    Come To Kansas City Roger…..

  5. Ian Jackson says:

    Uk dates??????

  6. Dot Hogge says:

    Please come to Atlantic City again or Camden, Philadelphia.

  7. Tom says:

    Hope you make it to Ontario 🙂

  8. Susan (SueWho) porpora says:

    Please Roger play in New York! But only if it is safe! I would rather you be safe than see you perform!

  9. Kristoffer skytte says:

    Hope an see YouTube in Danmark

  10. Dave Anderson says:

    Come to Dallas TX

  11. Manuela says:

    Why don’t you come to Colombia? We’re not that bad, I promise It won’t be as that disastrous free concert you gave at Cali in 1992, so pleaseeeeeeee :ccccc

  12. Lee Graham says:

    Excited about this tour, Roger. Any chance of a Fort Worth-Dallas, Texas date?

  13. Sara says:

    Hope for some northeastern dates, my sweet babboo!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  14. Bill Connolly says:

    Come to New York City!

  15. Lori Interrant says:

    Will you be coming to NYC?

  16. DUANE GRADDY says:

    Come to Bonnaroo

  17. Catherine James says:

    Hello Everyone! This is Catherine.. Hope all is well. Please. See if you can book a show here in Las Vegas, Nv.
    I’d love you bring in or end the summer at one of your
    Take care…Hope see you soon 🎶💕

  18. Cheyann T says:

    Please check me to the Genesee Theater in Waukegan ILLINOIS!!

  19. Pete says:

    Best get the east coast in there mate. Just a suggestion.

  20. Roger, you gotta come back to Tampa! I seen you, Pete, and the boys the last 3 times you were here!

  21. Megan Hill says:

    Please come to salt lake city, Utah

  22. Vaughan Riley says:

    UK dates please

  23. Brian Lassman says:

    New York awaits ♥️🙏🏻🤘🏼

  24. doug says:

    So thrilled for the return of live music. Hopefully you’ll be doing some dates in the North East

  25. Colin says:

    I suppose Donegal is out the question then?

  26. Lisa says:

    Please come to St. Louis!

  27. Stephen Volsted says:

    Wish you would come to the Arkansas Music Pavillion the AMP here in Roger’s Arkansas I’d love to see you

  28. Neil Melluish says:

    Any tour dates for the UK?

  29. David Robison says:

    Please hit Austin or Dallas. You had to cancel with the Who and my 15 yr old was devestated.

  30. Dorothy Cooper says:

    Please come to Philly!

  31. Erik Scheibe says:

    Please come back to NY. The Black Crowes just re-scheduled their Woodstock venue show (Bethel), leaving July 17th open. That would be perfect for you guys to do again and you could do another show(s) in NY/LI right around that.

    Saw you do Tommy there a couple of years ago with my son. Third time he saw you. Thanks for carrying on.

  32. Ilene says:

    East coast???
    Ny, fla?

  33. Alyce Johnson says:

    Is ROGER coming to Florida yet? I missed him and THE WHO last March at the Hard Rock in Hollywood in Florida front row and it was cancelled due to COVID-19. I was so sad and depressed…..Alyce

  34. What about UK fans? We have supported you for years. You are British!

  35. Rick says:

    Great news! I hope Roger comes to the Tampa Bay area for a show.

  36. Dennis drazin says:

    Anything in nj

  37. Pat says:

    Any UK dates?

  38. Stuart Gray says:

    Perth Australia would be fantastic

  39. Hoagie says:

    Be Lucky

    Glad to hear Roger is going to hit the road with touring band

    I enjoyed their tour in the past

    Please hit the Midwest if possible

  40. Mark Smith says:

    Hope there will be UK dates in the near future..
    But hopefully will see plenty of pictures and a video or two from our friends across the pond..
    Good luck on the tour..

  41. Linda says:

    So excited… Looking forward to seeing Roger! Last time he was in the Bay area he played the Mountain winery! Off the charts incredible show don’t miss this chance

  42. William McManus says:

    Yeah! Come on down to the Orange County Fairgrounds in southern California. Like you and your band have before. A great show, rock on Roger!!!

  43. Bobby Keene says:

    Roger,Please play Milwaukee on your upcoming solo tour.If I have to I’ll sit on the roof of a radio station till you’ll play our great city.

  44. Bill Fitzpatrick says:

    New York ??

  45. Marty silvanic says:

    Wow can’t wait. I will be getting tickets if Roger comes near me. Rock on

  46. Jeannie DeVito says:

    NJ or NYC❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. Taochamber says:

    Kona Hawaii please:)

  48. Lynn Berry says:

    Please let me know when you add more dates… SOUTH EAST! Saw him on the Moody Blues Cruise and Rock Legends Cruises, and can’t wait to see him again!

  49. Steve says:

    How about Detroit?

  50. David Tinnell says:

    I think it is nice to keep up the spirits and sound of a great music band. I have been to a Who music concert in Tampa Florida it was a great concert but a sad ending for the bass player John it was his last gig. They performed great. Pete Townsend was a great guitar playing and vocals too. Zack Starkey did a great job playing the drums that night too. I wish you lots of luck with your tour. 😊

  51. Tom says:

    Roger, nothing in Portland?? So close. 😫

  52. Dave Colombo says:

    Play”Free Me”

  53. Dan Delgado says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in NY.

    Hoping Pete eventually tours again with you or even alone.
    A full performance of Quadrophenia with all of you guys would be an amazing follow up to the last concert I’ve been to in too many years (May 2019 at MSG – my then 12yo’s FIRST concert ever 😉 Classy, huh?)

  54. Love you Roger!! Glad you’re back. But I gotta ask…where’s Pete??

  55. Will you be doing any British tours, we had tickets to see you at Sheffield last year , but it never happened.
    I have waited so long to see you live.

  56. BRUNO LOMPECH says:

    just hope that it will be broadcast for European’s fan… At last a movie ? Why not ?

  57. Simon says:

    Will there be any UK dates?!

  58. Ian Brookfield says:

    Great news! Will there be any UK dates?

  59. Kurt R Schmidt says:

    I have been a big fan of The Who for 50 years so glad to see Roger hitting the road again but it makes me concerned about what Pete is up to? I hope he is healthy. I also hope they are not feuding.
    There is no band that has the talent like The Who

  60. Christopher Heaphy says:

    Please think about booking a show at the Lakeview Ampitheater in Syracuse, New York. I am a a huge fan but as an IATSE Stagehand I have been out of work for 14 months and would not be able to afford to go see you at this time. I would love to finally work one of your shows.

  61. Karen says:

    Ann arbo8 Michigan is a grand location. ~50 miles or so.

  62. Rick Billow says:

    So The Who are not touring anymore?? I thought they were going to do their Moving On Tour?? No Cincinnati?!?

  63. Dave Friedeck says:

    Please come back to SoCal…. saw the use it or loose it here so good.

  64. We want you!!! Roger W. Morgan. I own THE LEGEND RADIO on the South Coast of Oregon. We MIGHT be able to take this concert Sept. 18th. Roger and I were in the same film, “.com For Murder”.

  65. Enrique says:

    What about Mexico?

  66. Cristina Dias says:

    I’m so sad that the Who doesn’t came to play in Portugal.

  67. Bob Smith says:

    Rodger please come to Milwaukee !!!!

  68. Renata says:

    Come to Connecticut. Foxwoofd would be a great venue. I know you probably always hear this but i turn to your voice and music when in down.

  69. Joan says:

    Hoping he has dates set for Massachusetts 😻

  70. Mark Hasch says:

    Seen ya in the Cavern Club Liverpool!!! Keep rocking!!!

  71. Thomas L says:

    Please come back to Rhode Island or as close as possible in nearby Massachusetts, USA. I’m a lifelong fan of Roger Daltrey and The Who, and I’ve never seen any member of The Who perform in person. Thank you!

  72. Jeanie Worthey says:

    This is disheartening news to a long time fan. What about the Houston, Dallas, and Denver concerts that Pete said would be performed?

  73. David Valentine says:

    Come to Fairbanks Alaska! Please!!

  74. Jim Hannan says:

    YES! I hope to hear ‘Free Me’ In Tahoe!!! =] =] =]

  75. I want to see The Who kin the UK, please inform me of any upcoming dates

  76. What about your faithful fans in the uk, I’ve had your concert postponed and then cancelled. Come on Rog, I’ve been a fan for many many years.

  77. Pete higgins says:

    Sheffield please

  78. Roger and Pete are music legends. I’ve seen the Who twice. Once do Quadro. and again on a Pinball Wizard tour. The Who is fabulous live! Rock on Gents. We love your music and it lives on! Keith and John are looking down…

  79. Thomas B Humphrey says:

    Mr. Daltrey, if you are going to Nevada and Spokane, please stop in Boise, Idaho. The Stones, Clapton and Dylan have been here.

  80. Deborah Stanley says:

    Please come to KY

  81. Yumiko Wordley says:

    Are you not doing at all in England?


    Please be sure to add a Northeast stop on your solo tour. Thanks.

  83. Lisa says:

    Please send where else he’s gonna preform

  84. PERRY ROSEN says:

    Can’t wait

  85. Frank Foote says:


  86. Tobie Wright says:

    I turned 40 this year. I watched Tommy as a young girl and as an adult. I drive down the road BLASTING Rain O’er Me. You guys are amazing and I would love LOVE love it if you came on tour to Maryland this year. I’m not a huge concern goer I’ve seen The Cure at 19. I would die if I got to see you in person ❤️Ps. Don’t let the name confuse you, I am a woman lol

  87. Coming to New England?

  88. PAUL M ASTER says:

    Why not Philadelphia?

  89. Grego says:

    We need you in Boston Mr Roger!!

  90. Peter Swan says:

    Love to see Roger Daltry

  91. Diane Martinez says:

    We need him to come to Wisconsin!!! Milwaukee to be exact!!!

  92. Sheri Rodgers says:

    Please come to St Louis Mo

  93. Jean Doty says:

    We are waiting for you in New York. You can play MSG, Forest Hills Stadium, or Jones Beach. Please put us on your list Roger.

  94. Sara says:

    There is no Daltry, only DALTREY!

  95. Sara says:

    Amen, bro!

  96. Michelle Heyer says:

    Loved your concert in Oakland CA, and at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga CA. Please come back to the Bay Area

  97. Carolyn says:

    Can’t wait! We are in Denver, but will travel to see your show! So happy your back!

  98. stephen o'gwin says:

    Hope you make it to Oklahoma! I saw you in Thackerville several years ago!

  99. Perry Carnes says:

    For everyone thinking Roger touring is a sign that there will never be another tour with Pete again I disagree. Roger does these tours usually as a way to get his voice in shape for either a Who tour or and album. It’s like an athlete doing training.

  100. Susan Askew says:

    Please come to Florida

  101. Come to Connecticut. We have 2 great casinos that have venues for performances.

  102. Sara says:

    David Tinnell, you’re not allowed to leave the ‘h’ out of TOWNSHEND.

  103. Manfred says:

    What about Europe?
    We miss you (as well as The WHO) in UK and Germany!
    It is time to come back 😏

  104. Finzi says:

    Please, s’il vous plait, revenez à Paris !

  105. Mitchell A Blass says:

    Atlanta Georgia please

  106. Donna Gianfala says:

    I was thrilled to see the news that Roger is touring. My son and I are traveling all the way from Louisiana to see Rog in Seattle. We can’t wait. I have been a fan of The Who since 1975. They are the Greatest Rock N Roll band in the world. I am so happy my son is a fan too. We danced to “Without Your Love” from McVicar at his wedding. Love you Roger. Your voice is magnificent. Wish I could meet you. Stay safe and be well. I can’t wait till September 3rd. Hope we are in the first row!

  107. Chad Davis says:

    East coast, North Carolina

  108. Evie says:

    Loved the who in ny madison sq garden 2018 amazing made our holiday complete.

    Booked uk tour too
    Fingers crossed it will happen soon
    The who are amazing

  109. Dan Daley says:

    Surprise everyone and come to VERMONT!

  110. Nicole says:

    Please come to Vegas !

  111. Heath says:

    Make a point of hitting Columbus, Ohio.

  112. Noah Reaves says:

    Hoping for a show in Atlanta

  113. Roxane Peters says:

    Excited about this, luckily with a little help from a friend when pre sale for this show started we scored first row tickets for Tahoe. We are traveling from Atlanta, I only travel great distances for 2 bands & The Who is one of those 2. My friend who is joining me is reaching the 100 mark for Who concerts all around the world. During this pandemic I at least had the memory of Rock Legends Cruise VIII & all 3 performances especially the last 1 on Deck, on your birthday, March 1 2020. I was the 1 who assembled the letters that spelled out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY “ & gave you 3 birthday cards at the photo op. Thank you. Thanks to everyone in the band. I’m extremely excited !!!

  114. Catherine from D'town, PA. says:

    Thanks for recently reaching out to all of your fans on 4/28/21 on YouTube, courtesy of Apple Music.
    (Pete Townshend & Roger Daltrey: ‘The Who Sell Out’ Released in 1967 and their Legacy | Apple Music). Refreshing interview, always a good story in there, and great to see your healthy, smiling faces. Highly recommend it!

    I don’t know about “Lockdown Blues”. 😂 Maybe pass on that one.

    Great you are touring, considering the effort and cost involved., but glad to hear your train keeps on rolling.

    You both are loved! Stay well.

  115. Tracey says:

    Uk dates for 2021/22 would be amazing

  116. zortilonrel says:

    Appreciate it for this post, I am a big fan of this site would like to proceed updated.

  117. Sean says:

    bring the rest of The Who to Ireland and Britain soon 😛

  118. Milan says:

    Czech republic first time?

  119. Mary Reeves says:

    Please come to Atlanta……

  120. Robert Najdek says:

    Play forest hills – great show

  121. Connie says:

    Oklahoma City needs some rock n roll too!! 2007 show was the best! Anywhere close would be great. Long Live Rock!!!

  122. Saw u in 81 in St Louis. Saw u two yrs ago in San Diego. Just got tix to see u in August in SD again. Can’t wait!

  123. Michael says:

    Hello Roger,

    It would be great to see you in New Jersey.



  124. Diane M Martinez says:


  125. What about UK or Germany?

  126. Mike Wallace says:

    Hi sad to miss out on the 2020 and re organised 2021 show at Wembley. Hope that Roger and Pete get to do another UK tour soon. My last concert was Tommy at Royal Albert Hall and all I can say it was the best I have ever seen them play and their own enjoyment rubbed off on us all there. To do all of Tommy and then with no breaks another 45 mins of there back catalogue was absolutely amazing. I am 74 now and hope to see them again.

  127. ghislain says:

    pls come To montreal qc.

  128. Nick says:

    Come play in Boston, MA, USA!!!

  129. Larry Kahn says:

    How about a live, on-line concert!! I would certainly pay for such an event. I’m sure WHO fans all over the world would respond, and it would be as profitable as a whole tour….How about it Pete and Roger??

  130. Bill Streeper says:

    Would love to see you in Chicago. However, if you can’t make it here, I’ll be going mobile to another city. You guys are now, and always will be, the greatest band when I need to rock!

  131. Al flemington says:

    And Toronto! I was at the final WHO concert at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1982! I was way up in the cheap seats. I Thought that that would be it but we have been graced by your performances in 1989 and more recently up in Orillia!

  132. John Tremblay says:

    Roge, we connected briefly at one of you Boston shows with Pete. Lifelong fan here. You are amazing. Please come back as we love you here… Boston Strong!

  133. Sherri says:

    Many would love it if you had dates on the East Coast; especially North Carolina.

  134. Mary Reeves says:

    Please come to Atlanta, GA……….

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