Pete: Recording The Who Album

One of the songs lined up for the Who album is a song about a fabulous girl from the past. It’s a Spanish-style song and I invited Gordon Giltrap MBE to come and play on the track.

Here he is in my home studio. Gordon won his battle with cancer, and his hair went grey, but his health is good now, and he is a beacon of light, and of course a brilliant player. We each claim to have influenced each other over the years. Check this out for an example of the way we both strum like lunatics!!

Gordon Giltrap: ‘Heartsong’ from the Perilous Journey album

Here’s Gordon in my home studio and a snippet of what he played on the song . . .


This is first time we made music together. Hearing Simon Phillips play drums on ‘Heartsong’ on Gordon’s Perilous Journey album was my connection with Simon, who played on my Empty Glass, White City and Iron Man albums. Simon also toured with The Who for their 1989 25th Anniversary Tour.

24 January 2019


1 thought on “Pete: Recording The Who Album”

  1. Brian Booth says:

    What a pity you can’t hear Gordon Giltrap, he was so low in the mix.

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