Pete: An Afternoon with Sir Peter Blake

Today I met with Peter Blake the artist at his studio in London to discuss what he might do to create album art for the next Who album, We are old friends, going back to 1964 when we met on the set of the Ready Steady Go! TV show. Peter also studied with, and knew well, many of the lecturers who taught me at Ealing Art School between 1961 and 1964. It was great to see the amazing collection of art and sculptures he has. It’s colourful, exciting and stimulating. I shot a video with my new Vlogging camera. Sorry about the shaking – I will get better.

By the way, with the help of a friend from Texas who will remain nameless but for the fact that he has a website called gave us an idea for a name for the album. Quite simply ‘WHO’. Might take us right back to the beginning, who knows.

To see what I saw today at Peter’s amazing studio, take a tour with Damien Hirst.

Find out some more about ‘Aaron’, Harold Cohen’s painting machine here. It was not so much a robot as a piece of early painting software.

24 January 2019

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