Pete: Animal Requiem, Wistle and Rosie

Lunchtime. On our way to St James Church In Piccadilly for the orchestral rehearsal. I’m not working today at all so I’ll be doing a Vlog for tomorrow.. Look out for it. I’m in the back seat.

Rachel’s up front. She’s holding a tiny coffin containing the ashes of my little miniature Yorkshire Terrier called Wistle. She became more Rachel’s pet than mine of course. We both miss her but we now have a new puppy, same breed, Rosie.

We begin by discussing how Rosie sleeps on top of Rachel’s head, and then it gets weird . . .

It was a wonderful party with a real mix of people: celebs, friends, family, dog lovers, cat lovers, psychics, healers, vets, super-vets, loonies…….

I know this is not Who news, but we start Who album recording tomorrow. Stay tuned.

31 January


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