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The Ox Turns 73 years old.

October 9, 2017. On what would have been John Entwistle’s 73rd birthday we turn our thoughts to the Ox and remember all the good times, the gigs, the recordings, the extraordinary guitar collections, the driest of dry senses of humour […]

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A Who Fan’s Observations on seeing the band in South America

This is the first time that The Who play in Argentina and the rain was falling from the sky as if the heaven was crying of emotion. Suddenly Pete and Roger appear on the stage and the crowds were excited […]

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Bye Bye South America

Buenos Aires. So, last show on this little tour of South America. First and possibly last, but experience has taught me not to make predictions. It’s been wonderful to play to such youthful and energetic crowds and to be treated […]

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Please see my posting on the Pete Townshend FaceBook page on September 7th. I have now donated $150,000 via my charity, Double O to the people and community of Barbuda. I want them to know we are thinking of them, […]

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Seven Decades Live

Bill Curbishley and Seven Decades Productions present Seven Decades Live, the story of how three guitars changed the way we hear the world, an innovative live concert meets documentary Rock n Roll show, featuring the voice of Joan Jett as […]

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An announcement from Pete

At the end of this triumphant short tour of Classic Quadrophenia in the U.S., where Rachel showed off her incredible talent as an orchestral arranger, and I performed like a Broadway Ham . . . it’s time to make an announcement […]

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