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Pete: Day 5 ~ Who Studio Session

Still drumming. What we are doing is adding drums and bass – and sometimes guitar – to the tracks I recorded last year to play to Roger for a prospective new Who record. My demos were fairly advanced, and technically […]

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Pete: Day 4 ~ Who Studio Session

So, another day, but moving on . . . We finished work on the first song, moved to the second, moved quickly through the third so now we are managing a song every day. I got to play a tamarind […]

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Pete: Day 3 ~ Who Studio Session

So as Rachel’s Animal Requiem storms the classical charts here in the UK, we labour to make sure the next Who album gets at least as much interest. They say now that most people only listen to the first two […]

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Pete: Day 2 ~ Who Studio Session

We are building the track now. Producer Dave Sardy at the desk Pino says he’s got it So has Zak My guitar tech, Alan Rogan with Pino’s bass Pete, 3 February 2019

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Pete: Day 1 ~ Drums, Drip, Drip, Drip, Torture

Getting a drum sound is a legendary obsession in studio recording, and of course at live gigs. Audio engineers can spend several months listening to someone bang a snare drum, or hit a kick drum. They go into a kind […]

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Pete: The new Who album: Day 1 at British Grove Studios

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