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Roger: I apologise for using the F-Word

“In the interview which Pete and I did with Sky News last Wednesday at Wembley Stadium, we ended the interview with me unfortunately using the F-Word when discussing Brexit for which I wholeheartedly apologise.” Roger 17 March 2019

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Pete: Who Recording, Tour and Vacation

Today I am starting a two week vacation prior to the final session on the Who album in early April, and rehearsals for the tour in late April. The timing isn’t great, I don’t want to travel with so much […]

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Pete: Who Recording Update and Wembley

Roger and I had a very long day of press and social media at Wembley Stadium to plug our concert there on 6 July. Although the stadium is different to the one we played in at Live Aid, and with […]

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Pete: Day 2 – Second Who Studio Sessions

Metropolis studios, 8 March 2019 Really, it’s still just me on the music, with Dave Sardy producing, Jim Monti on the computer, Myles Clarke assisting on computer, Simon Law doing guitars. I’m playing vitamin pills and bass guitar. Roger is […]

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Pete: Day 1 – Second Who Studio Sessions

Who Studio Sessions – Day 8 (Second Studio Sessions – Day 1) This day numbering system doesn’t make much sense any more. (This is Day 1 of a second set of sessions). While Dave Sardy and I work in London, […]

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The Age of Anxiety

The first novel from Pete Townshend will be published by Coronet on 5th November 2019 The Age of Anxiety is a great rock novel, but that is one of the less important things about it. The narrator is a brilliant creation […]

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