News clips posted in ‘Fragments’ 2011

News links posted in 2011 in the ‘Fragments’ section on the home page of this site:

When Oliver Reed met Keith Moon….

Student artwork created for Tommy

Reconsidering Quadrophenia

R.I.P. The one and only Ken Russell

Pete Townshend’s doing the ‘Back To Black Friday’ thing this year with a 10″ vinyl EP of QUADROPHENIA DEMOS VOL. 1. Each copy is individually numbered and available ONLY at your local Record Store Day store. (NB U.S. only). To find a participating store, check the link. Only 4000 copies available so get yer skates on! Back to Black Friday

Rolling Stone: 100 Greatest Guitarists – Pete Townshend

Terrific interview with Pete Townshend in Naked Eye Online

Pete Townshend donates guitar for Arvon fundraiser auction

Win tickets to a very special Quadrophenia event

Bridge School 25th Anniversary Concert

Pete Townshend will be playing on ‘Later’, Jools Holland’s BBC2 music show, on the nights of Nov 1st (Tues) and 4th (Fri). Check BBC listings nearer the time.
This Day in Music, October 13th: Why don’t you all ffff-fade away

Pete opens Quadrophenia archive

Happy Birthday, John

Steve Ellis, one of Roger Daltrey’s favourite singers, has a new CD out. For more information go to

Roger on Tommy and Quadrophenia

Roger in Toronto

Something New by Simon Townshend….

Interesting interview with Roger Daltrey’

Vote for ‘Live at Leeds’

For New York City

7th Sept: this day in music – Moon the Loon

Modern Mods

Pete Townshend on BBC Radio 2

Happy birthday, Keith

Check out what Simon Townshend’s up to

Deja Q?

Pete interview on BBC Radio 2. 23 Aug, 10pm

British Racing Daltrey…

Happy Jack in the Isle of Man

Roger in the Irish Times

Roger on Roger

Roger on Tommy

Tickets still available for Roger Daltrey’s 2nd gig at O2 Indigo in London on July 24th. Go, go!

A gold Gibson Les Paul used by P.T. on the Who’s U.S. Quadrophenia tour sells for £31,250

If you can, help young Joe with his appeal

A blog about Pete in the Economist

Pete Townshend: a remarkable rock legend

Harper Collins to publish Pete’s memoirs

QM2 flies Jolly Roger?

Ex-Skids Richard Jobson to direct Quadrophenia sequel

$6.99 for all your favourite Who songs for a limited time @BestBuy. It’s a bargain. Look for The Who’s ICON album in stores or CLICK HERE

Pete – “a huge fan of Torchwood”?

A Tommy for THIS generation

Japan: a message from Pete

Roger receives Steiger Award in Germany

“My thoughts are with you in your suffering in Japan. My best to all of you I’ve had the pleasure to meet personally. I hope all of you and your families are OK.” – Roger Daltrey

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