Who’s Next

  4. MY WIFE

WHO’S NEXT was first released by Track Records in August 1971 (2408 102), and in the 1980s as a CD (Polydor 813651-2) with a remixed and remastered CD (Polydor 527760-2) following in 1995. In 2003 a Deluxe Edition 2-CD set (Polydor 113 056-2), was released. The original album was re-issued on heavyweight vinyl in 2012 (Polydor 3715614). In the US it was released by MCA (Decca 79182) in August, as a CD (MCA MCAD 37217), as a Gold Edition (MCAD-37217), as a remixed and remastered CD (MCA-11269) in 1995, and is also now available as a Deluxe 2-CD package (MCA 088 113 056-2), released in 2003.

Who’s Next started life as a Pete Townshend concept entitled Lifehouse, which contained enough songs for a double album, but the project was eventually reduced to a single LP. Recordings for the album began in New York with Kit Lambert as producer, but the band weren’t satisfied with the results and returned to London to re-record them at Olympic Studios in Barnes with Glyn Johns. Most of the songs recorded with Johns appeared on Who’s Next while the leftovers appeared on singles and later, Odds & Sods (see album). Who’s Next became the only Who album to make #1 in the UK charts. It peaked at #4 in the US, but songs from the album are continually played on American classic rock radio stations to this day. All songs by Pete Townshend unless otherwise noted.  There are now two upgraded CD versions of the album. The first followed the format of including several bonus tracks on a single disc. The Deluxe Edition dropped four of these bonus tracks but included additional tracks from the New York Record Plant sessions, some of which feature Leslie West on guitar and Al Kooper on organ. The second disc features an almost complete show at London’s Young Vic Theatre when Pete was trying to bring Lifehouse to fruition.

Original album photography by Ethan A. Russell. Sleeve design by Kosh.

The original release consisted of nine tracks:

1. BABA O’RILEY Recorded at Olympic Studios, London, in May 1971 Dave Arbus plays violin on the outro. The synthesizer track that dominates BABA O’RILEY is part of a longer synthesizer piece that Pete released privately on a Meher Baba tribute LP I AM in 1972. Further sections featured on his PSYCHODERELICT solo LP in 1993.

2. BARGAIN Recorded at Olympic on 12 April, and 5, 18 and 19 June 1971. Pete’s lead guitar was played on a vintage Gretsch, a gift from Joe Walsh.

3. LOVE AIN’T FOR KEEPING Originally recorded in New York on March 17, 1971, this version was reworked with acoustic guitars at Olympic in May, 1971.

4. MY WIFE (Entwistle) Recorded at Olympic in June, 1971 John re-recorded this song himself on his third solo album, Rigor Mortis Sets In (1973).

5. THE SONG IS OVER Completed at Olympic on 11 May 1971 Nicky Hopkins plays piano.

6. GETTING IN TUNE Initially recorded in New York on 18 March 1971, as I’M IN TUNE, and completed at Olympic on 7 June. Nicky Hopkins plays piano.

7. GOING MOBILE Recorded at Olympic during May, 1971

8. BEHIND BLUE EYES Initially recorded in New York On 17-18 March 1971, and re-recorded at Olympic during May 1971

9. WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN First recorded in New York on March 16, 1971, then worked on with Glyn Johns during a trial session at Stargroves, Mick Jaggers Berkshire mansion, with The Rolling Stones Mobile studio in April; mixed at Island Studios in May 1971 Edited down from its original eight minutes and thirty seconds, WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN as a single reached #9 in the UK charts and #10 in the US.

The Deluxe Edition CD contains six additional tracks on CD1:

10. BABY DON’T YOU DO IT (Holland/Dozier/Holland) Recorded at the Record Plant, New York on March 16, 1971 Leslie West guested on lead guitar. This Marvin Gaye Motown classic was a stage favourite of The Who’s from the 1964-66 era.

11. GETTING IN TUNE Recorded at the Record Plant on 18 March 1971 An alternative version.

12. PURE AND EASY Recorded at the Record Plant, on 17-18 March 1971 This is the original version of PURE AND EASY. A later version was recorded at Olympic but not released until the Odds & Sods LP in 1974.

13. LOVE AINT FOR KEEPING From the Record Plant sessions, 17 March 1971 An alternative version.

14. BEHIND BLUE EYES Recorded at the Record Plant, on 17-18 March 1971. This original version of BEHIND BLUE EYES features Al Kooper on organ.

15. WONT GET FOOLED AGAIN From the Record Plant sessions, recorded 16 March 1971 An alternative version.

Disc Two of the Deluxe Edition features songs performed by The Who during a concert at the Young Vic Theatre, London, on 26 April 1971, before a specially invited audience, recorded on the Rolling Stones Mobile. All have been newly remixed.

1. LOVE AINT FOR KEEPING (Live at the Young Vic)

2. PURE AND EASY (Live at the Young Vic)

3. YOUNG MAN BLUES (Mose Allison)

4. TIME IS PASSING (Live at the Young Vic) This song was first heard on Pete’s solo album Who Came First, released in September 1972.

5. BEHIND BLUE EYES (Live at the Young Vic)

6. I DON’T EVEN KNOW MYSELF (Live at the Young Vic) Dating from 1970, this was considered for an EP before finally appearing on the B-side of the WON’T GET FOOELD AGAIN single in June 1971. First recorded at Pete’s own Eel Pie Studio in 1970. Often played in concert during 1970-1971.

7. TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING (Live at the Young Vic) Although played onstage at the Young Vic, this song wasn’t released until 1974’s Odds & Sods in a version completed at Olympic on 12 April 1971, with Nicky Hopkins on piano.

8. GETTING IN TUNE (Live at the Young Vic)

BARGAIN (Live at the Young Vic)

9. WATER (Live at the Young Vic) Although WATER made regular appearances in The Who’s stage act in 1970 and 1971, it remained unreleased until a studio version of the song appeared on the B-side of 5.15 in October 1973.

10. MY GENERATION (Live at the Young Vic)

11. ROAD RUNNER (Ellas McDaniel) (Live at the Young Vic) Originally written and recorded by blues master Ellas McDaniel (aka Bo Diddley) in 1959, the song has subsequently been covered by many artists, including Jr. Walker & the All-Stars hit instrumental version in 1966. It was this very song that the group played during Keith Moons drum-damaging audition at the Oldfield Hotel, Greenford, in April 1964.

12. NAKED EYE (Live at the Young Vic) A long-standing concert favourite from mid-1970, a studio version was recorded at Eel Pie Sound (completed at Olympic on 7 June 1971), and released in 1974 onOdds & Sods.

14. WONT GET FOOLED AGAIN (Live at the Young Vic)