Who’s Missing

A compilation of various lesser-known or unreleased Who tracks, released in 1985 in the US by MCA (MCA-5641) and subsequently released in the UK in 1988 by Polydor.

Currently out of print on vinyl or CD but available in digital format HD FLAC 24bi from the UK Who.


  1. Shout And Shimmy
  2. Leaving Here
  3. Anytime You Want Me
  4. Lubie (Come Back Home)
  5. Barbara Ann
  6. I’m A Boy (First version)
  7. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (Original version)
  8. Heaven And Hell
  9. Here For More
  10. I Don’t Even Know Myself
  11. When I Was A Boy
  12. Bargain (Live)

Compiled and remastered by Steve Hoffman

Sleeve design and painting by Richard Evans with acknowledgments to Peter Blake
Sleeve notes by Pete Townshend