Who Are You

Who Are You was released in the UK on 18 August 1978 (Polydor 2490 147 WHOD 5004) where it reached #6, as a CD in the 1980s (Polydor 831 557-2), and as a remixed and remastered CD (Polydor 533 845-2) in 1996. It was re-issued on vinyl in 2012. It was released simultaneously in the US (MCA 3050) where it reached #2, and in the 1980s as a CD (MCA MCAD-37003) and a Gold Disc (MFSL UDCD 561 before a remixed and remastered CD (MCA MCAD-11492) was issued in 1996.


  1. New Song
  2. Had Enough
  3. 905
  4. Sister Disco
  5. Music Must Change
  6. Trick Of The Light
  7. Guitar And Pen
  8. Love Is Coming Down
  9. Who Are You

Keith Moon’s unfortunate death on 7 September 1978, completely overshadowed the release of Who Are You. Ironically, he is photographed on the cover sitting on a chair with the words Not To Be Taken Away emblazoned on its back.

Bonus tracks on 1996 remastered CD. All previously unreleased

  1. No Road Romance
  2. Empty Glass
  3. Guitar And Pen (Olympic 78 Mix)
  4. Love Is Coming Down (Work-In-Progress Mix)
  5. Who Are You (Lost Verse Mix)

Produced by Glyn Johns and Jon Astley

Mixed by Jon Astley

Sleeve photography by Terry O’Neill
Design by Bill Smith