Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B



  1. Pete Townshend Dialogue (Long Beach ’71)
  2. I’m The Face (As The High Numbers)
  3. Here ‘Tis (As The High Numbers)
  4. Zoot Suit (As The High Numbers)
  5. Leaving Here (As The High Numbers)
  6. I Can’t Explain
  7. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
  8. Daddy Rolling Stone
  9. My Generation
  10. The Kids Are Alright
  11. The Ox
  12. A Legal Matter
  13. Pete Townshend Dialogue (Leeds ’70)
  14. Substitute (Live at Leeds ’70)
  15. I’m A Boy
  16. Diduises
  17. Happy Jack Jingle
  18. Happy Jack
  19. Boris The Spider
  20. So Sad About Us
  21. A Quick One, While He’s Away (Original Version / Rolling Stones Rock’n’Roll Circus)
  22. Pictures Of Lily
  23. Early Morning Cold Taxi
  24. Coke 2
  25. The Last Time
  26. I Can’t Reach You
  27. Girl’s Eyes
  28. Bag O’Nails
  29. Call Me Lightning


  1. Rotosound Strings
  2. I Can See For Miles
  3. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
  4. Armenia City In The Sky
  5. Tattoo
  6. Our Love Was
  7. Rael 1
  8. Rael 2
  9. Track Records
  10. Premier Drums
  11. Sunrise
  12. Jaguar
  13. Melancholia
  14. Fortune Teller
  15. Magic Bus
  16. Little Billy
  17. Russell Harty Dialogue (Thames TV)
  18. Dogs
  19. Overture
  20. The Acid Queen
  21. Abbie Hoffman Incident (Woodstock ’69)
  22. Underture (Live at Woodstock ’69)
  23. Pinball Wizard
  24. I’m Free
  25. See Me, Feel Me (Live at Leeds ’70)
  26. Heaven And Hell
  27. Pete Townshend Dialogue (Live at Leeds ’70)
  28. Young Man Blues(Live at Leeds ’70)
  29. Summertime Blues (Live At Leeds ’70)


  1. Shakin’ All Over (Live at Leeds ’70)
  2. Baba O’Riley
  3. Bargain
  4. Pure And Easy
  5. The Song Is Over
  6. Studio Dialogue
  7. Behind Blue Eyes
  8. Won’t Get Fooled Again
  9. The Seeker
  10. Bony Moronie (Live at the Young Vic ’71)
  11. Let’s See Action
  12. Join Together
  13. Relay
  14. The Real Me (Alternate Version)
  15. 5’15 (Single Version)
  16. Bell Boy
  17. Love Reign O’er Me


  1. Long Live Rock
  2. Life With The Moons
  3. Naked Eye (Live at the Young Vic ’71)
  4. University Challenge
  5. Slip Kid
  6. Poetry Cornered
  7. Dreaming From The Waist (Live at Swansea ’76)
  8. Blue Red And Grey
  9. Life With The Moons 2
  10. Squeeze Box
  11. My Wife (Live at Swansea ’76)
  12. Who Are You (Single Version)
  13. Music Must Change
  14. Sister Disco
  15. Guitar And Pen
  16. You Better You Bet
  17. Eminence Front
  18. Twist And Shout (Live at Shea Stadium ’82)
  19. I’Mm A Man (Live at Radio City Music Hall ’89)
  20. Pete Townshend Dialogue (Live at the Fillmore West ’69)
  21. Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)

In July 1994, to mark the thirtieth anniversary of The Who’s first record release (as The High Numbers), Polydor/MCA released a four CD box set (also a four cassette version in the US – UK: Polydor 521 751-2, July 1994; US: MCA MCAD4-11020) containing all their best known work, several rarities and a number of previously unreleased recordings.

Many of the tracks were punctuated by soundbites of the group talking amongst themselves in the studio, Pete making announcements from the stage or Keith telling jokes, and the package included a sumptuous 72-page full-colour booklet with essays by Pete Townshend, former Who PR Keith Altham and US critic and Who biographer Dave Marsh. It also included a comprehensive Who chronology, a discography by Who archivist Ed Hanel and credits that gave an abundance of recording details not previously available. Most of the 79 tracks, bar those recorded with Shel Talmy, were remastered and/or remixed. The package was extremely well received by critics. Q magazine in the UK gave it a maximum five star rating and described it as the best box set ever produced by any artist; similarly, Rolling Stone in the US gave it a maximum five stars too.

Produced by Chris Charlesworth, Jon Astley & Bill Curbishley
Compiled by Chris Charlesworth
Remixed, remastered and sequenced by Andy Macpherson & Jon Astley
CD mastering by Jon Astley & Tim Young

Design and art direction by Richard Evans
Front cover photograph by Neal Preston