Hooligans, a two-disc compilation, was released in September 1981 by MCA in the US, (MCA MCA2-12001, MCA MCAD -12001). It made #52 in the US charts.

Currently out of print. You may be able to find second-hand copies.


  1. I Can’t Explain
  2. I Can See For Miles
  3. Pinball Wizard
  4. Let’s See Action
  5. Summertime Blues (Live)
  6. Relay
  7. Baba O’Riley
  8. Behind Blue Eyes
  9. Bargain
  10. The Song Is Over


  1. Join Together
  2. Squeeze Box
  3. Slip Kid
  4. The Real Me
  5. 5’15
  6. Drowned
  7. Had Enough
  8. Sister Disco
  9. Who Are You

Sleeve design by Richard Evans.
Photography by Gavin Cochrane.