Two’s Missing

Track List

  3. MY WIFE (Live in San Francisco)
  4. I’M A MAN
  5. DOGS
  6. DOGS, PART 2
  7. CIRCLES (Revised version)
  9. WATER
  11. HEAT WAVE (Original version)
  12. GOIN’ DOWN (Live)
  14. WASP MAN


A second compilation of hard-to-obtain Who tracks, released in 1987 in the US by MCA (MCA-5712) and subsequently released in the UK in 1988 by Polydor (Polydor 837 581-1). Currently unavailable in The Who’s catalogue but you may be lucky to buy one second-hand. Track-by-track sleeve notes by John Entwistle Sleeve design and painting by Richard Evans
The B-side of I Cant Explain. The fuzz guitar droning throughout is played by Jimmy Page the reason being, he owned the only fuzz box in the country at that time. The words express my sentiments exactly a bald-headed woman would make me pretty mean too. My favourite part of this track is the opening of the harmonica solo, where Roger puts the harmonica in his mouth the wrong way round! UNDER MY THUMB (LISTEN)
A grand gesture from The Who to The Rolling Stones the latter having been busted yet again for drugs. The proceeds of this single were to be donated to The Stones to pay for the cost of the case. As this was recorded in a rush and at the time I was on the Queen Elizabeth on my honeymoon and on my way to New York Pete had to play bass (and a jolly good job he did too, by golly). This must have been our first charity record. I dont think the offer would have been repeated. MY WIFE (LISTEN)
Recorded live in SanFrancisco, as was Goin Down (12/13 September 1971). The tracks were intended to be part of the follow-up album to LIVE AT LEEDS. As it was so similar in content to the former it was never released. Only one track escaped as a B-side Baby Dont You Do It. This extended stage version shows how much fun we had jamming with the chords in its earlier performances. This is probably the only version with me actually singing in tune. IM A MAN (LISTEN)
Its that backwards harmonica again! We have performed better versions of this song but they were never recorded. So, here it is recorded at IBC Studios in all its glory. Yardbirds eat ya heart out! DOGS (LISTEN)
Pete was temporarily obsessed with dog racing just before this record was written and released. Sounds a bit like The Small Faces. Might have been better for us if they had done it. The silly talking bits are me and Pete, with me doing the Boris the Spider voice yet again. DOGS PART 2 (LISTEN)
Well, what do you expect from a song written by The Whos dogs? The lyrics leave a lot to be desired, but they reached the hearts of canines all over the world. CIRCLES (alias INSTANT PARTY) This was originally the B-side to Substitute but the title was changed to Instant Party to avoid legalities with our ex-producer. It didnt work and in the end was replaced by Waltz For A Pig, an instrumental we had to buy from The Graham Bond Organisation because we were not allowed to record until the legal problem was over. The French horn was overdubbed at the same time as we mixed and in those good old days of mono you needed two tape machines to overdub. Nowadays, your domestic hi-fis are more advanced than that. THE LAST TIME (the other side of UNDER MY THUMB) (LISTEN)
When one is contacted in mid-Atlantic on the Queen Elizabeths radio with an urgent message from England in the middle of the night, one immediately thinks of burning houses, dead or dying relatives, cancelled tours, etc. When I received such a call two days into my honeymoon (after twenty four hours with a lump in my throat wondering which of the above I was to suffer) it was my managers secretary asking for permission to release this song. She was told that The Who could release LSD into the nations water supply for all I f*****g cared. WATER (LISTEN)
Correct me if Im wrong and I can be occasionally. This was recorded at Petes Twickenham studio for a maxi-single which was to include Naked Eye and Postcard. It was never released. This was one of those rare songs that was performed on stage before it was recorded. A method we never had much luck with. DADDY ROLLING STONE (LISTEN)
From the same sessions as Im A Man. This was one of our favourite stage song. We played this on and off right up to the end. It grew from something far more powerful than this version. HEATWAVE (LISTEN)
You can almost hear the sweat dripping from our fevered brows. A rather clinical version of the old Martha & The Vandellas hit. Next patient, please! GOIN DOWN (LISTEN)
A suggestive title indeed, but it probably refers to going down the pub or down the stairs or something similar. This was one of those show jams that The Who were renowned for. It was obviously something that Roger and Pete had heard and I hadnt. Hence the fumbling bass at the beginning. MOTORING (LISTEN)
Boy, were we relieved when we finally had our own material to record, but this was before then. I can still remember the day Keith bought a real drum kit and threw away the biscuit tins he used on this track. WASP MAN (LISTEN)
Well! what can you say about this classic Keith Moon B-side composition that hasnt been said before? It was Keiths turn for the B-side money and he was into wasps that week. Just take a guitar riff with nowhere to go (except home) and a manic drummers impression of a wasp trapped in a vocal booth and there you have it! All you have to do is then find out what youve got and how to get rid of it. Keith got so immersed into the wasp part that he had to be swatted several times before he stopped. We finally got him as he was crawling up the control room window. (PS: if you listen carefully to this track you can hear a sound like someone sniffing in time to the music. This is, in fact, Mr Mylon Le Fevre sniffing in time to the music!) John Entwistle February 1987