Moving On! Tour 2019: End of the first leg of the tour

Wow! What a fabulous month May was. The first leg of The Who’s Moving On! Tour 2019 began in Grand Rapids, MI on May 7th and  ended on May 30th in Pittsburgh, eleven fabulous gigs later. Tons of great memories, tons of great times, good, good music, fantastic friends, seeing faces both old and new, faces we’ve known for countless years, front rows of so many shows with familiar faces and friends. Places we’ve never played before and venues that have seen so many name-changes.

And we’ve had so many great orchestral musicians who’ve played with us. That has really been such a great buzz. We bow very low and tip our hats to you all and in particular to Katie Jacoby and Audrey Q Snyder for their wonderful musicianship and to our Music Co-ordinator and Conductor Keith Levenson, who, against all odds, kept everyone on the same page at the same time!

Big, big thanks to Simon Townshend, Loren Gold, Jon Button, Billy Nicholls and Zak Starkey. A veritable orchestra in their own right!

And without whom etc . . . Pete and Roger.

If you missed any of the shows or would like to relive some great times, please check out our Backstage Blog by looking here where you’ll find reviews of all our gigs and, for the first time on this tour, we have some exclusive video footage. In particular check out this video from Pittsburgh on May 30th.

And we’ll be back very soon. We have Wembley Stadium coming up on July 6th and then in September the second leg of our North American tour kicks off in Saint Paul, MN. We hope you have a great summer and look forward to seeing you somewhere on the tour.

Be lucky!

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