Cancer Rebellion – The Documentary

Cancer Rebellion brings to light the hidden life of the modern day teenager and young adult who has been diagnosed with cancer. It explores their dreams, struggles and fears with a familiarity that only a fellow cancer survivor can bring. In an effort to come to terms with his own cancer diagnosis, director Hernan Barangan takes to the road to find other people who have also been diagnosed with cancer in their youth. On this road trip across America, Cancer Rebellion maps out the path that all young cancer patients travel from diagnosis to aftermath. In a country where one teen or young adult is diagnosed with cancer every eight minutes, these teenagers aren’t going down without a fight.

Directed by Hernan Barangan
Produced by Simon Davies and Hernan Barangan
Executive Producers:
Roger Daltrey
Rebecca Rothstien
Jordan Kaplan
JP DeJoria
Shevell Estate
Char and Chuck Fowler

NBC’s Kate Snow reports for TODAY:
Every year, some 70,000 teens and young people are diagnosed with cancer, and they often feel out of place in paediatric wards and adult cancer units. Director Hernan Barangan, a cancer survivor himself, is working with Teen Cancer America to change that. Watch the report and interview with Hernan Barangan here.

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