Mantra of the Cosmos – New single 16 August

After releasing their first single ‘Gorilla Guerilla’, surrealist, psychedelic, psychotic, abstract art installation Mantra of the Cosmos played The Box Soho and headlined the Glade stage at Glastonbury to an ecstatic, rapturous reception and much anarchy, chaos and hypnotic music from the Cosmos.

Their second single ‘X (WOT U SAYIN?)’ is out 16 August and it’s a summer banger  with allegorical Dylanesque lyrics over subterranean Velvet Underground-type drones exploding into a groovy knock-u-out horn riff. And a lyric from Shaun that asks many questions.

MANTRA OF THE COSMOS is Shaun Ryder • Bez • Andy Bell • SSHH • Zak Starkey 


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