Helping Teen Cancer patients keep up with their education was launched in January 2017 to expressly make educational support affordable and accessible to all children across the UK. There are numerous reasons why a child might not have access to a steady education, whether by illness or another disadvantageous circumstance, and was created to redress that balance.

Upon meeting with Bill Curbishley and hearing more about the Teenage Cancer Trust, it was very clear to me that could really help teen cancer patients, and I jumped at the opportunity to do so. We are extremely proud to support all patients being treated at any of the TCT units in the UK, and will provide much needed academic assistance to all patients currently receiving treatment, and to all those who have been discharged. We recognise how difficult it must be to keep on top of schoolwork both during, and after, their illness, and we also understand how such illnesses can affect the entire family, so we have extended our offer of complimentary access to allow all siblings of TCT patients to benefit too.

What the Teenage Cancer Trust has achieved since it started is absolutely amazing, and we would like to support them in any way we can.

At a time when the private tutoring sector is booming, yet excruciatingly expensive, we wanted to level the playing field by making expert material affordable and accessible to everybody. Our Maths material is pioneering and an internet first, and is designed to make revision fun and engaging, by giving the children control over when and where they revise. We offer unique video and animation walkthroughs of each and every question, with clear and easy to follow solutions to show you how to achieve that perfect 100% score. All our top tips and common errors to avoid are outlined by our ex-examiners, who have set and marked questions for the various exam boards.

Now ALL children, whether incapacitated by illness or held back by financial constraints, can have access to expert educational support.

Eddy Chan,
CEO school

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