Happy Thanksgiving




5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Andrew Hamilton says:

    happy thanks giving pete Townshend and roger daltrey hope you get this email in person both of you ive been folowing you guys from when i was a little kid at twelve i seen my first who concert at shea stadium and the clash opened up they where a good group to open up for you guys but i liked you guys better so ive been going to your guys concert for 31 years and i think you guys are the greatest band in the world it really showed when you guys performed at the rolling stones rocknroll circus and you blew the rolling stones away with your music i hope you guys stay the greatest rocknroll group in the world please email me back Andrew Hamilton

  2. Jason says:

    Please Mr.Townshend,Mr.Daultry release a new album. Go on a 50th anniversary world tour. Go out like The Who You Are!!!! Play songs from new and old of every album you released(maybe not so much from (It´s Hard,Face Daces). Remember this, go out and let the world know Who is the Greatest Rock n Roll Band is!!!!

    Best Regards,Jason

  3. Long Live The THE WH⦿!

  4. Ronald Sacra says:

    What’s not to thankful For?, being alive, have a loving Wife,(Who went and saw The Who with me last tour in Florida, She LOVED IT, wasn’t a WHO FAN before, it WHO everyday for awhile,(loved it). Family is good, friends good, Lord is my Savior, Country still free, grew up in small town in Kentucky, and fell in Love with THE WHO in 1967 and No Band can Create Music, Play the Music, and here I am 60 years old and got to see THE WHO in 2012 again!!! THANKSGIVING IS GOOD. Pete don’t every stop playing Live, don’t need to ask Roger that.

  5. paul says:

    hi i saw you in chicago on the quad tour. it was the best concert i have ever been to i hope you tour again.

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