Happy Birthday, Pete




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34 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Pete”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Birthday is May 19th not May 18th….

  2. Lynda grace says:

    Happy birthday Pete!

    Much love, lynda grace xo

  3. Loic Wacquant says:

    Thank you for the fabulous music and dazzling performances over the years. Your records, compositions and lyrics, have been woven into the fabric of my life for nearly 40 years, since I discovered the Who in southern France (listening religiously to Quadrophenia). I have seen the Who on stage 14 times (Frejus 1979-Denver 2013) and will be there in Paris to cheer you and Rog and the band. Keep rocking, life is an endless wire!

  4. Kim Bjerg says:

    Hope you enjoyed your day. Looks forward to June 15th!

  5. Pascal Durand says:

    Happy birthday Pete, you will be forever young…Pascal (from France)

  6. Bruce Arbuckle says:

    Happy Birthday Pete! Have a fantastic day!!

  7. gazzard wales says:

    Happy Birthday Pete!

  8. YumikoWordley says:

    Dear Pete, We are celebrating your birthday with Oysters and Champagne! We can’t wait for seeing you and The Who in 02 and Wembley.

  9. arnie goldstein says:

    Yeah, Happy Birthday Pete! But it’s May 19th…..d’OH!!!!

    Pete seems to say in the photo, “You just can’t find good help anymore…..”

    No matter, Pete’s Bday is a great day!

  10. Pete Oswald says:

    Happy Birthday Pete !

  11. Scott says:

    Happy Birthday Pete.

    Your work has enhanced my life – and countless others. Many, many more to you!

  12. Victor says:

    Happy Birthday Mr Pete

  13. Susan M. says:

    Happy Birthday to my favourite guitarist of all time! I love you Pete!

  14. Happy birthday Pete! You have influenced my life and those of so many others through blood sweat and tears. There isn’t much I can say that hasn’t been said except thank you! You’re a true musical genius. Your fans love you always and forever!

  15. duandi says:

    Zorionak Pete!! Happy birthday from the Basque Country.

  16. Elena says:

    Happy Birthday, Pete!!

  17. Elena says:

    Happy Birthday, Pete!! I hope you had a great day!

  18. william james mackenzie says:

    happy birthday to you! and many more! long live rock!!!!!!!

  19. Drek says:

    Happy Birthday Pete your music is timeless and classic just like you !!

  20. D Stenger says:

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful autobiography “Who I Am” and for the sensational Quadrophenia tour. Loved every moment of each. Happy Birthday and may God bless you and yours.

  21. Tony Care says:

    Happy birthday, Pete! Stay well, my friend!

  22. Randy Mendicino says:

    Happy Birthday, Pete !!!

  23. Thomas Lark says:

    Happy birthday, Pete!

    Your music has inspired my writing! I listen to you and The Who when I’m writing!
    Your music is the most sophisticated in all of rock and roll.
    We wish you and Rachel and the dogs every happiness!

    –Thomas and Julie Lark, USA

  24. James from Chicago says:

    Pete!! An absolute Happiest Birthday to my favorite singer-songwriter-guitarist extraordinaire !!

  25. Greg Makris says:

    Happy Birthday, Pete! I wish you many more!

  26. Roy Sweatman says:

    Was that Pete I saw at breakfast yesterday at the Breakers in Palm Beach? Who was the other band member with him?

  27. Salenbauch says:

    I Know I`m one day too late, but as a big german who fan send the best wishes for pete.
    I will come to London with my boys to see the show at O2 Saturday, 15th JUne. In 1996 i saw the first show of Quad at hide park.
    best regards and wishes
    Rudi with Franz and Paul

  28. andy murray says:

    hope you had a great birthday pete-respect?

  29. scott reith says:


  30. Rob f says:

    Happy birthday and long live rock!!!

  31. Zoeyy says:

    It was also my birthday on the 19th! Happy birthday, Pete.

  32. ron carr says:

    Music can truly change one’s life, and you have done that for me Pete. Happy Birthday, and many productive days to follow.

  33. Dear Pete

    life is the song of dark lightness
    birth the initial second of narrow endlessness
    The who is the question to the answer
    The song is the loud rhythmic silence
    we are the playing audience
    the who are you
    the present on the path
    to the end of eternity
    like the second letter of the word I

  34. Susan M. says:

    Hi Pete and Roger,

    Just a month more and I will see you soon in Amsterdam. Can’t wait! Counting the days…..

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