Happy 75th birthday, Pete!

Pete Townshend turns 75 years-old to day and we wish him the very best of birthdays.

Let’s take a look through the scrapbook and see what he’s been up to for the past 75 years . . .

Photographs by Rick Guest, William Snyder, Tom Wright, Terry O’Neill, Chris Morphet, Townshend family archive, Aubrey Dewar, Davies & Starr, Brian Aris, and the Trinifold archives.


68 thoughts on “Happy 75th birthday, Pete!”

  1. Mike Hallam-Rudd says:

    Happy Birthday Pete, hope you have a lovely day. Many thanks for all the years of musical pleasure. Best Wishes Mike Hallam-Rudd.

  2. Phyllis says:

    Happiest of birthdays, Pete.

  3. Gary Varndell says:

    Happy Birthday Big Man. Thank you for showing us the way. ❤️

  4. Steven Page says:

    Happy birthday Mr Townshend – I hope all is well and peaceful. God willing and the river don’t rise we can all commune next year to play,watch and listen to your music again?

  5. Rose says:

    Awnnn love the Pete&Rachel’s pic, they are soooo lovely!!!😍😍😍
    Happy Birthday Mr Townshend🎂🎁🎊🎉🎈, from Brazil!🇧🇷

  6. David Lingua says:

    Happy Birthday, congratulations, and the very best wishes for many more grand laps around the Sun. Cheers!

  7. Patrick Hodges says:

    Happy 75th Birthday Pete!

    Thanks for all of the great music over the past 55 years or more.
    ‘Hope to see you, Roger and the rest of the band again in a live performance again soon.In the meantime, take care and be well!

  8. Mark Selman says:

    Happy Birthday Maestro! Reign On!!!

  9. John Grogan says:

    Many happy returns Pete.Have a wonderful day and wishing you much happiness.Thank you so much for what you’ve done.Xx

  10. Joseph says:

    Happy Birthday
    My wife shares the same birthday.
    I am a big fan, when you toured Australia in 2010 did not miss.

  11. Jim Connolly says:

    Thanks for a lifetime of great music, amazing memories, and the happiest of birthday wishes! 🎸 🍾

  12. Enrique Cordovi says:

    Happy 75th birthday Pete!! Have a nivel day!! Sheers!!

  13. Enrique Cordovi says:

    Happy 75th birthday Pete!! Have a nice day!! Sheers!!

  14. David Swift says:

    Happy Birthday Pete

  15. Kevin Koch says:

    Love you Pete! Happy Birthday!

  16. John Richichi says:

    Great little collection of photos. Happy Birthday Pete!!!!

  17. Cath says:

    Happy birthday Pete!!! Thank you for all your wonderful music ❤️ Cathfria, Chicago 😀

  18. Jessica says:

    Happy Birthday Pete! You were my first crush back when I was 8 in 1978. My dream to see you perform was finally achieved last year at Tanglewood (Massachusetts) when my family and I saw Classical Quadrophenia. That was amazing and I’ll never forget it! Thank you.
    Here’s to good health and much happiness to you!

  19. Brett Hesser says:

    Have a terrific birthday Pete…and thanks for being the musical juggernaut that you are.

  20. David Tennant says:

    Happy 75th Pete! Thanks for all of the memories your music had been able to give me in my life!

  21. Will Schoenke says:

    Obviously there are many musicians who deserve the title of genius, Pete is certainly one of them. He and The Who are my all bv time favorite. I have lucky enough to have seen them live 26 times. Happy Birthday Mr. Townshend, and many more.

  22. Marco says:

    Tanti auguri pete…grazie per i meravigliosi momenti che mi hai regalato in compagnia delle tua musica..grazie davvero pete…dovunque tu sia GRAZIE.

  23. Dave Josey says:

    Happy Birthday Pete. All the best

  24. Tom says:

    Happy Birthday Pete—thanks for the memories
    You are one of the Best!

  25. Charles Gaudreault says:

    Bonne fête Pete!

    D’un grand fan du Québec.

    Anazing journey!

  26. Jeffrey Koman says:


  27. Greg Smith says:

    Godspeed. Thank you for the efforts over the years and providing some of the soundtrack to my life. Much appreciated.

  28. Patricia says:

    Great photos! Happy Birthday Pete!!!!

  29. Bobe Campbell says:

    Happy Birthday pete.have a great 75th

  30. Mathieu says:

    Joyeux anniversaire M. Townshend et encore merci pour ce superbe album que nous attendions depuis si longtemps. Et toutes mes salutations à M. Daltrey aussi. 2 Big Boss

  31. Lee Rossi says:

    Happy birthday, Pete. I’ve loved your music since I was 22. Saw you in St. Louis, MO, in 1968, when you were touring Happy Jack. I think you were second on the bill behind Herman’s Hermits. There was no comparison. “A Quick One” proved to me that pop music didn’t have to be dumb. The Who were IT from that day on. Be well.

  32. Eric Hartwig says:

    Happy Birthday Pete. From a young men(64) and fan from The Who at Germany.

  33. Raf Van Goolen says:

    Happy Birthday Pete,

    Wish you all the best and do hope that I can attend another concert of The Who, my all time Favourite Rock Band, in the near future.
    Many thanks for composing al these superb songs. No other composer can match what you composed and performed. Everyday I listen to some songs of The Who. Some I heard thousand times and each time I listen I get excited …
    I can’t Explain

    Kind regards from Belgium

  34. Patricia Anderson says:

    Happy Birthday Pete! Enjoy your day!

  35. christian Frederking says:

    Happy Birthdy!
    Thank god for more than 50 years of very, very loud music!
    Hope,Pete will not die befor I get old!!!

  36. roy leinfuss says:

    Enjoy your day,and everyday! Thanks for giving so much of yourself to the happiness of others, the universe is better because of you. Be happy,be healthy, be safe and just BE!!!

  37. Bob from New Jersey says:

    Have a nice Fing 75th birthday! And don’t ever die before you get old. Thanks for everything you have given us. Can’t wait for the next tour.

  38. David Tropp says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for creating remarkable and diverse music for the past 55+ years and for all the ages! Have a Happy Birthday and Long Live Rock and Pete!!

  39. Bob Rogen says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a special one. Thank you for so much great music, ideas, and spirit. Thank you for sharing so much of you for all of us who care. Thanks Pete-Happy 75th. As your song says from “Broken Glass”: keep on working.

  40. Thanks for everything. So many of your songs have helped me through rough patches of different lengths and intensity, and let me soar through smooth sailing bits. Love the new album by the way. It is an instant classic.

  41. Harry Clark says:

    Happy birthday Pete! Keep on rocking. Dig the new album. Fond memories of many concerts, meeting Pete at his book signing and meeting Rachel at Quad show. Cool stuff. 75 more to go baby! H

  42. Paul Tell says:

    Happy birthday, Pete!
    I’m celebrating my daughter’s birthday today too. She’s 17 today, the age I was when I saw you and The Who for the first time at the LA colosseum in the fall of ‘82. During this crazy time, I finally read your book and it brought back so many memories I had spending the summer when I was a kid with my family staying in a house in Shepherd’s Bush back in 75. Walking down Goldhawk road, playing soccer and cricket in the park, and going to QPR games with my dad. You’re the best, thanks for all you do!

  43. Diane Williams says:

    Happy Birthday, Pete! You are the greatest poet / genius / Rock-and-Roller of all time. Long live Pete!

  44. Stewart says:

    Happy Birthday Pete! Thank you for your gift of the most fantastic music I have ever listened to!

  45. Sara says:

    Happy birthday Petey! Loev & miss you! xoxo

  46. Perry Carnes says:

    Nice tribute. We love you Pete. Thanks for all the “brainy” music all these years. You have given us rage, beauty, and humor.

  47. Bonnie W says:

    Happy 7️⃣5️⃣ Pete! 🎈🥳

  48. Sam Goodwin says:

    Happy Birthday Pete.

  49. Andrew Minasian says:

    I’d like to meet you some day before it’s too late !
    Thank you for all the memories and have many more happy BIRTHDAYS

  50. guy a baker says:

    Happy birthday pete may you have many more.

  51. Derek Malone says:

    Hope you had a good one!!

  52. Paul says:

    Happy Birthday Pete !!! My all time favorite guitarist !!!thank you for the countless hours of enjoyment you have given me over the years !!! God bless you Pete !!!!

  53. Otto Roeser says:

    Hey Pete!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Mine was 3days ago 🙂
    ‘Sell-Out’ was the very 1st album i purchased at a record store @25yrs ago when i was like 13 -Ha! It will always be my favorite LP-THANK YOU AND WELL DONE !!!!
    Later my Mom passed-on an original Tommy’ piano book from 1969 that was my brother’s—He was killed by a drunk driver while my Mom was pregnant with me . .when she heard me listening repeatedly to his favorite record many years later she was shocked!
    You introduced Baba 2me with the quote you included on the liner notes of ‘Empty Glass’ (excluding His inspiration for TommY) and a dozen years after i read that quote met a girl who became my Love for the next 4years and she happened to be a Baba-Lover!! The mandali would stay at their home when they visited Chicago! Got to meet Bhau.
    As a professional musician i’ve been quite influenced by your music (My high school rock band covered ‘Who R U’ and a very popular CA band i played-with later-on covered ‘Eminence Front’ )
    How could I ever thank you enough for the musical inspiration and introduction to the BELOVED?!!!
    You’ve surely heard countless fans’ stories in regards to Baba+your music . . Hope mine reaches your eyes+heart on your Birthday—Never get ‘down’ about ANYTHING in your Life please—You’ve given me 2of the Best gifts anyone has ever given me—I radiate praise+good vibes to you perpetually for sharing your courage+genius with us
    Your friend, Otto


    75 more, I don’t think so
    Happy Birthday Pete!

  55. Byron says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Mr. Townsend. Best wishes for you and your family going forward.

  56. Teresa Anderson says:

    Such memories; loved every minute; have been there from the beginning; forest hill!! That you for making my days better with your music x

  57. Martin P Silvanic says:

    Happy.birfday pete best wishes from one of your biggest fans be LUCKY

  58. Catherine Macaluso says:

    I thought you were ONE! You certainly don’t act ypur age…in fact, to me, Pete, you are AGELESS.

    Wishing you much love and wellness for your entire birthday year…of course, I hope to see you again soon. Although “soon” might go on for a bit longer than planned. (Hi to Rach). You’ve got it all! CELEBRATE PROPERLY!

    Catherine xoxo

  59. PETE MESSENGER says:

    Happy Birthday Pete Have a Great Day All The Best and Thanks For Great Music Carole & Pete xx

  60. Mark Rood says:

    Well, a belated Happy Birthday to our favorite Mod. Hope to hear you and Roger and the band next year. Take good care of yourself. You made it to 75! Heck, I didn’t think that I’d make it to 63, so you’re doing well. I want to add that I’m of the unabashed opinion that you’ve been by far the best of anyone at music composition over the past 50+ years. Hope you have many more years of writing and performing.

  61. Billy Ayres says:

    Happy Birthday Pete , You Done Well !!

  62. Dan says:

    Happy Be-Lated Birthday Pete !
    Hope you enjoyed Your Day !!
    Thank you for all the great memories …

  63. Andrew Clarke says:

    When’s Pete going to write another album? I can’t get ‘Beads on one string’ out of my head. Such a beautiful song

  64. Susie says:

    Happy belated Bday Monsieur Townsend. Loved you from the first time which started my life long crush! No one writes from the heart and reaches out to others like you. You are the magician of music. Gracias, merci, thankyou!

  65. dave says:

    thanks for all your great music and live performances First saw the who in 74 at Charlton in london The last studio album is a credit to you many thanks big guy

  66. James lee says:

    Happy belated birthday Pete. I have had the opportunity to see y’all in concert twice and they were both the most awesome shows I have been too. Keep on rocking and hope to see y’all again soon.

  67. Mark says:

    Happy Birthday Pete! Thank you for all the great music over the years.

  68. bill says:


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