THE ART OF THE ALBUM COVER celebrates seven decades of sleeve design from the early covers of Alex Steinweiss in the 1940s, through the Cool Jazz of the Fifties, the pop and psychedelic revolution of the Sixties, the golden age of the album cover in the Seventies, the New Wave of the Eighties, the Britpop and grunge years of the Nineties, and the iPod generation of the Noughties.
Author and designer Richard Evans has been art director for The Who for over 35 years and has designed album covers for a diverse range of music genres. Here he celebrates the art of the album cover and reveals many of the background stories in the creation of classic sleeves, from Rodgers & Hart to Lady Gaga and everything in between; from The Beatles to Oasis, Bowie to Blur, Pink Floyd to Pearl Jam, and Nat King Cole to Coldplay.
Digital templates are available to download and with the tips and information in the book you can use them to create your own album covers.
Published by Compendium Books (UK) and Chartwell Books (US) Format: Hardback. Size: 267mm x 267mm. Pages: 192.
For more information, lots of great artwork and for links to purchase it in both the U.S. and U.K., CLICK HERE

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