Dave ‘Cy’ Langston

Keith Moon with Dave ‘Cy’ Langston on tour, Holland 1973. Photo © Pete Townshend

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that our dear friend, Dave ‘Cy’ Langston passed away on Saturday 17 July following a short illness.

Cy had been involved in working with The Who since he was first hired as a roadie on 22 April 1965. But he was far more than a roadie, as the following will testify. Rest in peace, Cy.

ROGER DALTREY: “Cy lived with me way back in ’65 at my flat in St Johns Wood. He was our first roadie. Always good natured and fun to be with. Life was never quiet when you were in his company. I shall miss having him as part of my life.

Enjoy the peace, my old mate.”

PETE TOWNSHEND: “Cy. From the moment we first met at Jim Marshall’s store in West Ealing in London in late 1963, we became friends. It wasn’t just the union of noses! I liked him immediately. His band at the time obviously treasured him – he seemed balanced and yet worldly. He was a very good musician. His band broke up when Terry Slater, a key member, went to work for the Everly Brothers. 
In the ‘70s I produced some music with Cy, whose keyboardist then was Keith Emerson. It was never released, but Cy could sing really well. He was one of the few musicians to contribute music to the Who catalogue with his song Early Morning Cold Taxi which he and Roger tweaked to suit The Who. 
He looked after our production manager Mike Shaw after an awful car accident that had left him  paralysed. During those solicitous years Cy proved an even better man than I had already taken him for, and we in the band at the time adored him for that. He helped Mike emerge from self-pity and isolation, and often brought him boating with me on the Thames. He brought him to shows and parties and kept his spirits up. It was a job for Cy, but boy, did he do it with love!
Later he started to work for John Entwistle as an ADC and production assistant. He became an agent for John’s artwork. So we saw a lot of him. He was always laughing, a great story-teller with a very sharp memory. In the early ‘80s I saw a lot of him socially when my guitar tech Alan Rogan and I needed some levity. These were high fun-times for our little group. Cy was not a heavy drinker like me, he occasionally used really very tiny amounts of amphetamine, but to be honest it never seemed to make much difference. He was always busy, active, cheerful and completely adorable. I thought he would live forever.
We have come to know his son Toby recently, and it was with that lovely young man it became clear that Cy had been a good Dad. That’s a tough call in the music business. I feel sad for Toby, but I remember his mother Dale as being beautiful and serene, and I hope they can get through this together. Toby, you will always be welcome in the Who family. 
Cy, I can always hear you laughing at the back of the plane even when you’re not there. I hope it echoes as long as I live.”
Film-maker Richard Stanley with ‘Cy’ Langston and Pete at Teddington Lock, April 1968. Mike Shaw is in the boat. Photo © Chris Morphet/Getty Images


BILL CURBISHLEY: “I first met Cy Langston in 1971 when I went to work at Track Records.

Track had been formed a number of years earlier by Kit Lambert, Chris Stamp, and Mike Shaw. Mike and Chris were old school pals of mine, and both asked me to go work with them, knowing my passion for music.

Unfortunately Mike Shaw had suffered a car crash a few years prior to this and was now confined to a wheelchair, rendered paraplegic.

Cyrano had taken on the task of caring for Mike and it was his direct, focused, irreverent approach to the situation that pulled Mike out of many dark places. His body was dead but his mind was vibrant, and Cy saw to it that this was fed and challenged, at all times.

It was when I had to care for Mike on occasions I realised what a great job Cy had done and was still doing.

Over the years I began to see the other fine points in Cy, but the overriding facet was that behind the outgoing personality he was a gentle soul, and a really warm human being, who loved music and the people around him.

Thanks for everything Cy, and rest in peace, old friend.”

Dave ‘Cy’ Langston and his good friend John ‘The Ox’ Entwistle

On the set of Ready Steady Go!, Pete Townshend, Cy Langston, John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Kim Kerrigan and, just out of shot, Roger Daltrey. Photo © Trinifold Archive


34 thoughts on “Dave ‘Cy’ Langston”

  1. Mike says:

    “Cyrano” sad news indeed another member of the who family gone.
    RIP and love to his and the rest of the who clan x

  2. Sara says:

    He was cute!!!

  3. Alan McKendree says:

    So shocked and sorry to hear that he has passed. I first met Cy in the mid-’90s, and he was always up for a drink and a laugh. He was a great friend and I’ll miss him.

  4. Doc Pete says:

    Got to know Cy a bit when he worked as John’s assistant. He was always very gracious to all of us diehard fans. Grateful to have enjoyed his company and all the fun times. Rest In Peace Sir!

  5. Chris Dillard says:

    He produced my favorite live album, Who’s Last

  6. Chris Behr says:

    Cy was a fabulous guitar player, too. He did a terrific job on John’s first solo album, “Smash Your Head Against The Wall,” particularly on the first cut, “My Size.”

  7. Sad news indeed. Got to know Cy in ’67 when I started working with the band with Bobby Pridden as an 18-year-old!!
    Cy had great humour and was a very quick-witted guy. Fond memories that go back years. Rest in peace, old friend. Dougal xxx

  8. Patrick L Currie says:

    We are terribly saddened by Cy’s passing. Cy treated “MY WIFE” Debbie and I very well. RIP Cy Langston.

  9. lisa says:

    Rest sweetly, dear Cy.

  10. We met Cy Langston in 1995 when we went to work for John Entwistle – publishing and selling his art. He was such a dedicated friend to John and so kind to us. He was a bigger than life character who we all adored. He even became “Uncle Cy” to our daughters. When you were a friend with Cy you were a friend for life. We will miss you Cy!

  11. Maxene Harlow says:

    Cy was there for the beginning of my courtship with John Entwistle. Fond memories at the Hyatt house on Sunset strip! You will be missed!

  12. Joanne Hilton says:

    To read these tributes is heartwarming. Cy – or Dave as I knew him – was my big brother. As a teenager I saw a lot of Mike Shaw – mentioned by Pete Townshend above – following his shocking accident, on visits to our family home for Sunday lunch. Cy was just so incredible with him. He had a big heart with lots of love to give and his passing has left a void in our family.

  13. Man Cy, thank you for always treating me like a VIP. I really hope you and The Ox are having a laugh and catching up. Thank you for being born mate. Love, your pal Happenin’ Harry

  14. Brian Cady says:

    I got to speak to him over the phone for my website. Wonderfully talkative and very helpful. A delightful man. All Whodom will miss him.

  15. Such very sad news regarding the passing of Cy, it is always a painful and a sad time when something like this happens, but seems a little more sad as Dave was part of this extended Who family, God bless Cy , and make the music beautiful wherever you may be😭

  16. Joel says:

    So sorry to hear of Cy’s passing , a true gentleman who will be greatly missed. I know him and John were great friends
    and will have a large cognac waiting for him . God Bless

  17. Nancy Frank says:

    Cy became a dear friend of my husband and myself a long time ago in Los Angeles. He lived down the street from us when we lived in Laurel Cyn. He’s come get me when John was in town and we’d go to La Toque ( my former business) and they would close it with me and off we’d go to John’s. I will always have them both in my heart until we meet again upstairs.

  18. Rita Rundle says:

    Dave was my brother and although we lived miles apart we emailed each other every week. He was kind and caring and he loved life. He also loved his family and his passing has devasted myself and my sister Joanne

    Rest in peace Dave. Reets xx

  19. Dan Lakin says:

    I’ll miss him dearly, he was a good friend.

  20. Pete Bishop says:

    As JUST a longtime who FAN follower … 😂 ALWAYS respected the guys behind the scenes. Bob Pridden etc. Respect to Jack Lyons too. When on stage and their all leaping about give a clap to the guy on the soundboard too.SAD NEWS ☹️ Another one gone ♥️ 🇬🇧

  21. Michele Peverill says:

    My cousin David (Cy) was a legend He was wonderful company & all our family loved him There are so many great memories & stories but most of all, the laughs we’ve had over the years Sending a big hug to Toby, Rita & Joanne Michele XXX

  22. Kieran says:

    Very Sad news about Cy. I met him when I worked at ML in the Shepperton days and thence on Tour from ’78-’81.
    I remember he had installed a speaker under the bonnet of his car and he drove through the studios making silly comments
    to all the people and cars that he passed ! He was a great raconteur, had a rapier wit and was always up for a laugh.
    I bet there is some good entertainment in Heaven right now. RIP Mate….Kieran “The Boy” Healy.

  23. John Hughes says:

    What a sad day he did so much for John so hopefully they will be laughing together about what is happening down here never met him but thank you for all your help with the great John Entwistle

  24. Roger Searle says:

    RIP Cy…never a dull moment when you were around…

  25. Luile says:

    The interesting fact about The Who, is that, its a band, like no other band. One true fan knows who many of their closer aides were, they were and are important. Cy Langston, should have written a good book about The Who. He did play the guitar on “Smash Your Head Against the Wall”, John Entwistle s´first solo album, he did a good job on it.

  26. Jimmy Kelly says:

    Whenever we mention “The Who” we think of David. He is our legendary “famous” cousin. All our love and prayers to our family in England from your family in America. God Bless.

  27. Tim hinkley says:

    Oh hell, I have spent many a rockin’ time with Uncle Cy. Lunch could be a very long affair with Cy and oh man, those stories. I used to stay at his apartment on Hollywood and Gardener and hang out at the “Bow’ with him. He will be sorely missed by all. RIP Cy. Tim Hinkley

  28. Steve Ellis says:

    Sorry only just heard about Si.
    So sad Si was one of the nicest guys I met in those mad early days of the 60`s he was a beacon of light to the band (Love Affair) always amiable and funny.Most music business people and bands were a lot older than us then but we got on great with The Who and Si was a gent a lovely bloke.
    My heart goes out to his family and of course The Who.

  29. Tony Cyrano Langston says:

    Comments and memories on here are a great tribute to my Dad. Many thanks to all of you. I’m sure Toby and myself will browse them in the future with fond memories.

    1. The Who says:

      Tony, best wishes to you and Toby. Your dad was well-loved by us all in The Who family. But you already knew that.

  30. Barry Hall says:

    Sounds a wonderful man.

  31. Andreas Preute says:

    Just last night I had a weird dream distorted as many of them are making no sense,about my favorite band The Who. Decided to go to the web site,and learned of Cy’s passing.This same weird thing happened to me the day John Entwistle passed.Saw his B/W photo in a bar, and it was at that exact moment the bar attendee said: “he just passed away this morning” – June 27th, 2002.

    RIP CY

  32. Alan Turner says:

    So sorry to hear of Cy’s death. Lost touch after T-Bones broke up but still fond memories RIP Cy
    Alan Turner (drummer Gary Farr and the T-Bones)

  33. KGA says:

    This is so random, but when I was in HS I worked at a daycare in socal where Toby was enrolled as a kid and he would always talk about his “uncle Pete” etc and I remember meeting his parents on some occasions and realizing the relationship with The Who, Cy even brought back a signed tour book + shirt from tour that I still value so much to this day! This was like 20+ years ago wow ! Thanks for gifting that and condolences to the Langston family.

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