Teenage Cancer Trust: Cancer & Mental Health #Not OK: Join our campaign

Nearly half of all young people with cancer told Teenage Cancer Trust they didn’t have access to a psychologist during their treatment.

Our nurses and Youth Support Coordinators do amazing work to support young people emotionally. But for many young people struggling with mental health issues during cancer, a referral to a specialist psychologist or counsellor is vital.

Coronavirus has made the situation worse, with many young people finding those appointments harder to get, and feeling more isolated and anxious than ever.

The #NotOK campaign is calling on the UK Governments to make sure every young person with cancer can access psychological support wherever they live.

• Young people with cancer often suffer with mental illness, such as depression, anxiety or panic attacks.

• Young people with cancer have a specific set of needs which differ from children or older adults.

• Therefore, they need a specialist level of mental health support that is appropriate to their age, and the situation they are in.

• However, at the moment, access to this level of support is dependent on where you live in the UK. Some young people will have quick access to brilliant specialist support, whilst others have to be at crisis point to be referred.

• Teenage Cancer Trust have launched their campaign – #NotOK. The aim of the campaign is for UK Governments to understand that the issues young people are facing when accessing psychological support across the UK are Not OK, and commit to ensuring these issues will not continue.

How can you help? Head to to write to your MP/MSP/MS/MLA, calling for this commitment.


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