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Brian Kehew's Backstage Blog

Tommy and More Tour: The SSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, April 7, 2017

A welcome return. Glasgow has been home to many Who shows over the years, and not so long ago, we were right here. This Hydro Arena is a newer location, compared to most, and certainly looks it. It’s highly recognisable […]

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Tommy and More Tour: Manchester Arena, Manchester, April 5, 2017

Back to the Manchester Arena. It’s not far from Liverpool, our last stop, but the accent changes, as does the attitude. This is always a loud and bold crowd. It’s certainly a music town; you’ll know The Smiths, Oasis, New […]

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Tommy and More Tour: Echo Arena, Liverpool, April 3, 2017

We’re in the land of the Fab Four. I’m certain Liverpudlians get tired of that, but it’s pretty important musically. Is there anything bigger? It’s become a very different town over the years, and is still changing. As Roger said […]

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Tommy and More Tour: Royal Albert Hall, London, April 1, 2017

“Got a feeling  ’17 is gonna be a good year . . . ” And back again! Only a brief day off, and yes, we did have to load ALL the equipment out after the last one and then again […]

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Tommy and More Tour: Royal Albert Hall, London, March 30, 2017

The first time The Who have played Tommy in 28 years. It was scheduled to be “acoustic Tommy” – and that was the intent Roger had when booking it. The occasion demanded something special; this is the 100th TCT (Teenage […]

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Tour Rehearsal 2: London, England, March 21-24, 2017

“Do you think it’s alright . . . ” “We’ve moved. Last week, small hole – this week, huge cavernous immense space! We’re on an undisclosed lot in a massive warehouse room; space enough to set up everything as-needed, and […]

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