6 thoughts on “2 . . .”

  1. Gavin Steiner says:

    SO excited. This is going to be epic. Literally.

  2. GUYLAFLEUR101 says:

    Need my presale code for Vegas shows
    Just joined the club


    1. The Who says:

      John, it looks like you didn’t join the Fan Club in time. The cut-off time for new membership was 6:00am EST, December 4th.

  3. Scott says:

    Friday should be a national holiday. I think I feel a little under the weather boss.

  4. Donners says:

    Best band of ALL time, first saw them Belle Vue, Kings Hall, Manchester, Oct 76. . A hundred times+ since . . Keep going boys

  5. Martin P Silvanic says:

    Can’t wait!!!! Been a WHO!!!! fan all my life!!!! Songs sound AWESOME!!!! I am waiting patiently for my bundle set!!!! Thank you!!!! Marty. THE WHO GUY!!!!

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