Who’s Next | Life House Super Deluxe Edition Out Now!

Who’s Next | Life House is OUT NOW!


The 50th anniversary edition of Who’s Next | Life House is released today and celebrates the incredible life span of this iconic album.

Featuring 10 CDs including the remastered album, Pete Townshend’s original Life House demos, the Record Plant NYC sessions, the Olympic Studios sessions, more singles and sessions, the full 1971 Young Vic live concert, the complete Civic Auditorium, San Francisco 1971 show plus a Blu-ray disk with the Steven Wilson Dolby Atmos mix and more.

Add to that Life House, the 172-page graphic novel co-created by Jeff Krelitz and Pete Townshend, plus a 100-page book with sleeve notes by Pete Townshend, Matt Kent and Andy Neill, and a memorabilia wallet full of posters, tour programmes, a pin badge set plus a glossy band photo!

Available in the Super Deluxe Edition, the 4-LP box set, the 3-LP set, half-speed remastered vinyl, coloured vinyl editions and 1-CD and 2-CD editions.

It really doesn’t get better than this!

Get your copy here –

4 thoughts on “Who’s Next | Life House Super Deluxe Edition Out Now!”

  1. Antonio Gama says:

    How about a world tour promoting Lifehouse telling the whole story, with the graphic novel (even animated if possible) on the big screen behind?

  2. Ivory says:

    The box is truly excellent and I enjoy every minute listening to it.
    The only shortcoming I see is the non-inclusion of Baba O’Riley alt. mix (it does exist!, ask Rich Weiner). Disc 4 should have contained both the Twickenham and Record Plant sessions – that would have freed more room on disc 6 for inclusion of more bonus tracks (speed-corrected alt. mix of I Don’t Even Know Myself comes to mind etc.); but otherwise flawless.
    Now I only hope that for the 60th anniversary we will see the Odds&Sods Deluxe box set with It Was You, stereo versions of Happy Jack, Circles (v.2), Substitute and Pictures of Lily, My Generation in stereo with the original guitar breaks restored with the aid of AI, different mixes of certain tracks used only on Japanese SHM-CD’s edition in 2011 (Young Man Blues – and please, speed-correct it; Fortune Teller, Melancholia, My Way, Summertime Blues, Eminence Front, No Road Romance, Somebody saved me) plust that aforementioned missing Baba alt. mix and other hidden gems we fans are still waiting for.
    And Odds&Sods Live box could eventually fill the concert recording gaps (full Woodstock recording with a proper mix/mastering, complete Charlton and Swansea, leftovers from 1969 – there must be some, full Rockpalast in proper stereo mix, good quality Quad live from 1973 – the Philly recording complemented with LROM from Landover, and… just name it).

  3. David Kass says:

    Will this be made available on cd at some point? Thanks.

  4. David Kass says:

    My comment about this being made available on cd at some point? I meant the 50th anniversary edition of Quadrophenia. Sorry.

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