Have you noticed that there is now a little scrolling fan feed on the left side of the homepage? This is our new widget, which we have nicknamed ‘Twitface’.
If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can now update your own page right from here. Just input your message in the top area, press submit, select Facebook or Twitter and it will post to your Facebook Wall or Twitter page. (NB you must have a FB or TW account already and be logged in to complete your posting.)
The other cool thing about the widget is that it allows anyone who mentions The Who on their Facebook or Twitter site to have their text feed directly into this area and show up for all of us on to read. There’s still a few wrinkle for us to iron out over time – we want to make sure that just the mention of ‘the who’ in a sentence without proper context does not feed into this area – but the widget is still pretty good and we will monitor and refine it as we go along.
So, have a play around with it. And enjoy. team

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