The Who’s release for Record Store Day 2022

We’re very pleased to announce that this year’s release from The Who for Record Store Day 2022 will be a 40th anniversary edition of their 1982 album It’s Hard. The original album has been remastered by Jon Astley, cut at half speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios and pressed on 180 gram heavyweight orange and yellow vinyl. The album is spread over three sides of the 2-LP set. Side Four on the second LP includes four previously unreleased tracks including the much-anticipated version of ‘Eminence Front’ featuring a lead vocal by Roger Daltrey.

Originally released on 4 September 1982, It’s Hard was the last studio album to include bass guitarist John Entwistle who sadly passed away in 2002. It was also the last studio album to feature drummer Kenney Jones.

The four bonus tracks include ‘Eminence Front’ with Roger on lead vocal, an alternative mix of ‘Cry If You Want’, ‘One Life’s Enough’ with a lead vocal by Pete Townshend and an unedited 1997 remix of John Entwistle’s song ‘Dangerous’.

The 40th anniversary edition of It’s Hard also includes a full-colour poster.

Record Store Day 2022 for the 40th anniversary edition of It’s Hard is 18 June 2022. To find your local participating store please visit Record Store Day US or Record Store Day UK



  1. Athena
  2. It’s Your Turn
  3. Cooks County
  4. It’s Hard


  1. Dangerous
  2. Eminence Front
  3. I’ve Known No War


  1. One Life’s Enough
  2. One At A Time
  3. Why Did I Fall for That
  4. A Man Is A Man
  5. Cry If You Want


  1. Eminence Front (Lead vocal: Roger with Pete)
  2. Cry If You Want (Early Alternative Mix)
  3. One Life’s Enough (Vocal: Pete)
  4. Dangerous (1997 Unedited Mix)


18 thoughts on “The Who’s release for Record Store Day 2022”

  1. The Face Dances 40th anniversary that came out last year was just superb. I hadn’t been so excited about a re-release, I think ever, and this looks great.

    Also, I think possibly The Who album with the best bass sound of all, which I found on the original vinyl to be an absolutely joy (and led to me posing with a bass air guitar in the mirror, which fortunately nobody else could see).

  2. This is great!! I recently looked for this LP in my collection and realized I don’t have it on vinyl…which was a disappointment…so I’m thrilled this is coming and I’m going to find a copy for myself!! Vinyl just sounds BETTER!!!!

  3. peter lawton says:

    Are you also going to release a CD of the album as well

    1. The Who says:

      No, just on vinyl for Record Store Day.

  4. Ted M says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, including Roger, I love this LP. Athena, Dangerous, It’s Hard, Eminence Front, I’ve Known No War, Cry If You Want. And Roger loves it too. I’m buying this one!


  5. Peter Lawton says:

    What a pity to not reach a greater market for anyone who just wants to have a copy of the new album.

    1. The Who says:

      The object of Record Store Day is for the record industry to give their support to local and individual record stores by making these releases available only from them. You can find your nearest participating store by going to or

  6. Big Dan says:

    Agreed. There are times when I just need to hear this album played. The music is just superb. John Entwistle made a great contribution on this one. Always enjoyed holding that album cover.

    I was in London the week the album was released and enjoyed seeing all the signs around town that simply read, “It’s Hard – The Who.”

  7. I will always remember the summer of 1982 when The Who were touring North America behind the release of It’s Hard.
    They were getting lots of radio air play and were in regular rotation on MTV.
    So I was thrilled to catch their tour in a mammoth show at Folsom Field in Bolder, Colorado.
    What a day into night and what a show!
    Definitely a highlight of that time when I attended dozens of shows each year!
    I’ve purchased each of the last two half-speed mastered Abbey Road RSD releases (Odds & Sods and Face Dances), and I will be getting this new version of It’s Hard ✌️

  8. This one of my favorite Who albums . . . I purchased It’s Hard when it appeared in shops in September 1982 . . . of course, now I will wait for an expanded and remastered edition of the live Who album Who’s Last.

  9. John says:

    Will there be a digital download code accompanying the US album release? I bought the Face Dances RSD but there was no code with it. Luckily I knew someone who did have the code.

  10. Ivory says:

    So I hear this release is being postponed for 18th June.

    1. The Who says:

      Due to manufacturing delays, The Who’s 40th anniversary edition of It’s Hard will be released for Record Store Day 2022 on 18 June.

  11. Barry Dirkin says:

    You should post a new news comment to announce the delay of the It’s Hard RSD release. Some fans may not think to look at the comment section of a past news item to find out about the delay.

    1. The Who says:

      The new release date of 18 June is on the header banner on our home page.

  12. JB says:

    Will there be a digital download code accompanying the US album release? I bought the Face Dances RSD but there was no code with it. Is it only available with the UK release?

  13. Cant wait for this to come out. Is there any news on lifehouse/who’s next re issue?

  14. Matt Boyer says:

    Love this album… something magical as Roger sings… Can’t you sometimes crack a smile? Do you think if you did, we’d run and tell?

    And, you can’t help but love Who Are You, Face Dances and It’s Hard and not appreciate Pete’s comments that The Who without John’s playing and song writing is just a different band, though still awesome.

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