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To celebrate the release on 11th November of The Who’s defining rock opera about a deaf, dumb and blind pinball playing boy in Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions, there will be a very special week-long pop-up shop and pinball arcade just off the spiritual home of The Mods, Carnaby Street.


Mark your diary: the pop-up shop will be active from the 7th to 15th November – at 19 Foubert’s Place, London W1.


BandMerch a subsidiary of AEG Live and Universal Music Catalogue are proud to announce that the pop-up shop will carry a whole range of The Who and Tommy merchandise as well as original 1970s pinball machines, including a very rare Tommy machine.




If you ever thought yourself to be the Pinball Wizard now is your chance to prove it -whoever gets the highest score on the original Tommy pinball machine will win a special Fender Stratocaster signed by Pete Townshend.


Eight exclusive pieces of Tommy artwork signed by Pete Townshend will be auctioned in store in aid of The Double O and Teenage Cancer Trust charities.


The first 10 people through the door on the 7th will be able to buy signed boxsets and the first 100 will receive a limited edition The Who lanyard.


Every person visiting the store will have the chance to win signed posters, a Pretty Green Who Parka and a very special art print by John Penton Davis. Paul Kelly will be on hand in the store at 2pm on Friday as well as all day on Saturday and Sunday to display the artwork John did for the book ‘A Decade Of The Who’ and to tell his story.





19 Fouberts Place, Soho, London, W1F 7QE


Mon – Sat 10am-7pm


Sunday 10am–6pm


Carnaby Street Lights (14th)   9am-10pm



double o






12 thoughts on “The Who ‘Tommy’ Pop Up and Pinball Arcade”

  1. Brian says:

    Been a fan since early 70’s with Magic Bus and everything since. Can’t enter the contest from here in the US, but would love to if it was a drawing type contest…

    Had an early car sticker of the Union Jack with the words “THE WHO” on it with THE being vertical and WHO being on the horizontal axis. Great sticker, but the car was totaled along with the sticker long ago. Have the current ones, but want an old Union Jack WHO sticker… where can I obtain one??

    “there once was a sticker, pure and easy…”

    Long live the Who!

  2. Brian says:

    Ps… saw them three times over the years when they hit Florida… latest was the Quadrophenia tour. Vintage GREAT! True professionals and gave their all – the second show of the tour and was for part of our honeymoon!

    Long live the memory of J.E. Quad showed how he could transcend great and reach immortality in playing a leading bass guitar. Top bass player ever.

    Stanley Clark ain’t bad either. They eventually will play dueling bass contests in heaven.

    I want front row seats!!

  3. Nancie Maslanik says:

    I wish I were in the U.K. I know I could win highest score. For years I played/play pinball. I alway’s listen to PINBALL WIZARD EVERY TIME I PLAY…..BTW…. I might know TOMMY better than anyone. I watch the rock opera all the time. I have 5 video tapes and it’s on my DVR…… I know TOMMY more than I probably know myself. I know every rendition to a tea. My one dream/wish in my life is to sing a song for Pete Townshend one time…. I know I could make proud. And Roger,Zak, Simon etc…. Is there a chance to purchase a Pretty Green Who Parka that would help one of the above charities. Which I plan to make a donation anyway……..I could not make arrangements to London from Detroit in time if i could….. Thank you to Everyone who was/is involved to bringing these most talented artists work into my life. I have been listening to THE WHO since i was 6 yrs. old. Now i’m almost 50………..Thank You for making such a impact on my life………Cheers…….All The Best, Nancy Maslanik.

  4. Dosda says:

    Bonjour Peter et Roger,j’ai 60 ans, je connais et je suis les Who depuis 1968, j’ai eu tous les vynil (que j’ai gardé), j’ai tous les cd, les dvd, vous êtes venus 4 fois en France je vous ai vu 3 fois, cette année je ne pouvais pas, vraiment pas, j’attends la vidéo de bercy 2013 (?).

    Une question, Tommy avec orchestre symphonique a été édité en vynil, mais comment le trouver en cd ? Bien sur ce n’est pas l’original, mais du moment que ça vient des Who, je suis preneur.

    D’avance merci, longue vie à vous deux, pourquoi pas un nouveau disque svp.


  5. Bill says:

    holy crap that is cool, how about a pinball contest here in the USA… can’t quite float the 1200 plane ticket to go play pinball.

  6. Digbee says:

    Went to visit the pop up shop today the pinball machine is a Tommy original not the original from Tommy as the above implied. It also broke on our first go. Rebooted (pinball term) and got another free go. Highest score to date was 246million, my son only managed 184million, whilst I just scraped the balls straight into the catcher.

    Had a go at sealed bids on a couple of the smaller prints as did not think the huge 6ftx4ft ones would travel on the bus too well.

    Lots of Who merchandise even some Who imprinted Parkas. B-)

    Worth a visit if not been up there for 30 years ! Although all the shops have changed. The pubs are exactly the same 🙂

  7. Crock says:

    Searching for a Tommy pinball machine for years, located one in my home town on ebay, did the deal (£800) + it turned out the sellers garden backed on to mine….went down well at home! With a ‘that’s not coming in the house’ ! Yeah,,,sits nicely surrounded by framed albums and autographs from 1975

  8. Paul says:

    I was really chuffed when I was brieflyhighest scorer.

  9. Chris Charlesworth says:

    I have just returned from the pop up shop but apart from the ‘buzzers and bells’ from the pinball machines it was eerily silent. I have a great idea. Why not play Who music in the shop from the moment it opens to the moment it closes – and play it loud?

  10. Carol Gray (the original Essex Girl) says:

    Astonished to read the comment re ”eerie silence’ in the Who shop! I have visited twice over the last 3 days and found the background music from the large TV so loud I had to ask the staff to turn it down so that I could have a conversation with them.
    I hope for some luck in the auction taking place…maybe I should have bid higher ??

  11. Bart says:

    In Londus just by accident. Entered the shop Nov 11th and was able to buy one of the signed copies at 10:01 in my hands. Great that I got it!

  12. dave says:

    thankyou 🙂

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