The German Who biography “Maximum Rock – The Who. The craziest rock band on earth” is completed.


The just released Volume 3 follows the band’s history from 1978 till today and contains an exclusive interview with Pete Townshend.


The trilogy is the biggest publication on the Who with almost 1.400 book pages.

“So far, the best bio of the rock legend from Shepherd’s Bush, meticulously researched, grippingly written!”, Sounds has reviewed.


Excerpts of an advised English translation are online on:

More praise:


“A band biography as carved in stone, unparalleled” – Rocks


“This book provides everything previously on the German market in the shade” –


“Exciting like a novel” – Rock Times


“A loving and revealing biography. The three-volume work includes the four biographies of each musician and, parallel to the history of their time together, which the author tells almost novelistic” – Deutschland Radio


“Fans and journalists applause for it is probably the biggest and most comprehensive biography ever written.” – HitRadio MSOne


“This book is a must for any decent rock library” – Good Times


“Stands out from the flood of musician portraits, such as the Statue of Liberty from the New York Harbor entrance” – Coburger Tagblatt


“The Who universe is incredible!” – Bass Quartely


“An indispensable reference book for all hardcore Who fans.” – Financial Times Germany


“A meticulous work with a high entertainment value. No author was so close until now” – German Radio SWR1


„This book can be recommended without reservation” – Grand Guitars Collector Magazine


“An incredible work, an entertaining, sometimes amusing biography, as it will be hard to find a second time” – Drummermagazine


“Linguistically versed and with much wit” – Eclipsed


“A wonderfully readable and well-researched biography” – German Radio MDR

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