Back in October 2014 Universal Music launched The Who Jukebox to begin the celebration of 50 years of The Who. Building up to the 50th anniversary we asked the cognoscenti among the community of to vote on their favourite lesser-known gems from each of The Who’s eleven studio albums.

Working with Pete Townshend on curating these fan favourites, the Who Jukebox is proud to present three gems from each of The Who’s eleven studio albums. Accompanying these tracks are anecdotes by Pete specially written for The Who Jukebox.

The Who Jukebox can be found on this site on the MUSIC page.



9 thoughts on “THE WHO JUKEBOX”

  1. Charles Bennett says:


  2. luile says:

    Song is over. They are all in love. Circles. Melancholia. Relax. Ive known no war. You
    Going mobile. How many friends and music must change.

  3. David says:

    Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,How Many Friends,Pure and Easy, Trick of the Light,Sodding About,Athena,Heaven and Hell.

  4. Coursewho says:

    Heaven And Hell, So Sad About Us, Success Story, Cry If You Want, Getting In Tune.

  5. Dan says:

    Dr. Jimmy, getting in tune , naked eye..

    1. David says:

      Naked Eye, A Legal Matter, Why Did I Fall For That, Its hard, I Need You, Get Out Stay Out, Sea and Sand, The Dirty Jobs

  6. mark says:

    How about Water, Naked Eye, Baby don’t you do it, How many friends, Quiet one.

  7. Roop says:

    Blue, Red and Grey…Blue, Red and Grey…Blue, Red and Grey!

  8. Frank Bandiero says:

    Dogs, cobwebs and strange, doctor doctor, Maryanne with the shaky hand, daily records, how many friends, put the money down

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