THE WHO: Concert Memories from the Classic Years 1964 to 1976

‘The Who: Concert Memories from the Classic Years 1964 to 1976’

by Edoardo Genzolini

“Edoardo’s book looks wonderful. The photographs are very special. His take on The Who, and on me, is intriguing and extremely insightful. I wasn’t always a pleasant person to be around in the early days. It’s good to see that sometimes I managed to do some decent things for fans. I am very pleased to see this wonderful book published in English.” ~ Pete Townshend, from an email sent to editor and contributor Jeremy Goodwin on April 8, 2020

“With typical Italian flair and a delicate appreciation for the vigil of The Who’s elongated history, Edoardo Genzolini gives us a reliable account – not missing the blood, sweat, and tears that most often made up the nuts and bolts of The Who.” ~ ‘Irish’ Jack Lyons

Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about The Who and had read all there is to know about The Who, along comes yet another book about this most amazing and legendary band.

But this book is different – and it’s also exceptionally good.

Originally written and first published in Italy in 2018 under the title The Who, a Million Little Memories: Ricordi di Una Rock’n’Roll Band, it has now been extensively expanded with extra contributions from friend and editor Jeremy Goodwin.

The Who: Concert Memories . . . chronicles the ‘classic years’ of The Who from the period 1964 to 1976 with stories, recollections, anecdotes and rock’n’roll tales of yesterday that just make you wish that you had been there to witness it all – or even just a small part of it. Then again, maybe you were.

And the stories come from all quarters: from die-hard Who fans, from first-time-fans, from promoters and film-makers, road crews and groupies, from support bands, from innocent (and not-so-innocent) bystanders, from rock journalists and photographers – both professional and amateur. And talking of photographs, there are countless numbers of them taken by fans at countless shows, photos taken backstage or in airports standing next to their heroes. Photos that you’ll have never ever seen before and often from gigs and shows that even the professionals didn’t get to photograph.

Author Edoardo Genzolini’s research into the minutest details of gigs long forgotten is quite extraordinary. He has managed to track down fans from every corner of the globe who unfold their own memories and personal experiences of Who shows, of backstage encounters, of late nights in hotel rooms and all-night bars and clubs, and from those who, all-too-briefly, just ‘hung around with The Who’. Everyone has a story to tell about the loudest and best rock’n’roll band the world has ever seen – and heard.

As well as the anecdotes, gossip and tales, The Who: Concert Memories from the Classic Years 1964 to 1976 documents year-by-year the episodes and events of the band’s turbulent career from their early beginnings as the High Numbers and later, their studio recordings, the impact of Tommy and Quadrophenia plus the many phases and sessions of the Life House project which eventually led to Who’s Next, considered by many to be The Who’s crowning glory.

Contributions come from all quarters, including ones from ‘Irish’ Jack Lyons, from film director Tony Palmer, from Frank Dunlop, director of the Young Vic theatre, Joshua White of the Joshua Light Show at both Fillmores, Bill Graham (of course), Who associate and editor Jeremy Goodwin and some die-hard Who fans including Joe Giorgianni and Brian Cady.

This book deserves to be at the top of every Who fan’s Christmas wish list. Have a word with your nearest and dearest, but if you can’t wait until then, The Who: Concert Memories from the Classic Years 1964 to 1976 is available in US stores from 18 October and 18 December in the UK. You can pre-order from both Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Pre-order Amazon US Available from 18 October

Pre-order Amazon UK Available from 18 December

The Who: Concert Memories from the Classic Years 1964 to 1976
By Edoardo Genzolini
Jeremy Goodwin: Editor and Contributor
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. 2022
304pp. 279mm x 215mm. 8½” x 11”

15 thoughts on “THE WHO: Concert Memories from the Classic Years 1964 to 1976”

  1. Congratulations Edoardo on the publication of your expanded edition of the Who book. Your persistence and tenacity have finally made its publication come to fruition. I look forward to seeing it, knowing more than an inkling of the the effort you put into it. Cheers! Tom

  2. Duraffourg says:

    I hope I will get it in France.
    Always super fan at the age of 66.
    Seen them twice in 1972 and 1974 in Lyon. And met Keith Moon in August 72 in Staines for the launching of Justin Thyme’s Victorian style fashion boutique. Great moment !

  3. Chris Behr says:

    In stores from 18 October? I got my copy from Amazon last week! And it really is a superb book; everything this brief article says it is and more. No home should be without a copy!

  4. TOM GALVIN says:

    As mentioned the best band in the world, seen them 50 times plus,their live performances were second to none, fortunate to have lived in a town called Dunstable with two main venues where I saw them several times in 60s and 70s my fondest memory was the Oval cricket ground 1971,I still get tingling down my spine with a setting sun and Roger singing ‘See me, feel me” off the recently released Tommy album, Pete is pure genius and will always be the greatest song writer to me he matched and surpassed the rest, and did it single handed, taking nothing away from the other three that executed his work to perfection, life has been so much richer with The Who

  5. Ian says:

    Saw them in 1975 as a 15 year old at the King’s Hall, Belle View, Manchester. Best gig of my life. Been a massive who fan ever since

  6. Mike price says:

    I’m gonna get a copy,but it didn’t mention my band, ” the wholigans ” I met Pete Townshend at the mark and brian show at KLOS radio station, I told Pete I play you,he looked me in the eye and said huh? I got pictures.

  7. Steve Wing says:

    3rd row center. San Diego Sports arena. October 7,1976.
    Everyone at their best.

  8. Peter Bailey says:

    See them rehearsing in the granada bingo hall around 71/72 used to come out of primary school, stood inside the back door to listen. Had the odd kick about outside and a bunch of us were lucky enough to go for a drive in Petes white winnebago.i did have some drumsticks from Keith but, I drove my mum mad with them and no longer have them. Luckily, I still have harmonica from Roger. Great days, thanks for the memories.

  9. Juan Alvarez says:

    Saw them on a Easter Sunday in 1967 at The RKO theater in nyc.
    Together in the show was Wilson Pickett, The Young Rascal, Mitch Ryder & The Detriot Wheels, Cream, Smokey Robison & Miracles did not showbup, but The Who Closed out the Show with an expectacular performance.
    Pete was wearing a skeleton jump suit. KEITH MOON SET HIS DRUMS ON FIRE.. SPARKS SHOOTING ALL OVER THE STAGE. I am 67 yrs old and still remember every act on that show.

  10. Juan Alvarez says:

    Saw them in 1967 on a Murray The K Show in NYC together Cream, Mitch Ryder, The Young Rascal, & Wilson Pickett.

  11. David Olson says:

    My first concert Herman’s Hermits , Blues Magoos the Who in the middle slot ,Iwas a HH fan but of course I was blown away by theWho serious fan since that day at Edmonton Gardens 196?, I hope the date is in the new book,like I said my mind was blown!

  12. John Rosett says:

    In 1969 I saw the Who at a concert in a small theatre in Albany,NY. I counted 48 amps. My ears were ringing for three days.

  13. Saw them 20+ times, all with Keith Moon. Caught Pete’s guitar at Woodstock! I’ve always regretted giving it back.

  14. Bill Reid says:

    Saw The Who Dec 15 1979 New Haven CT. 17 years old I worked summer camp and the show soldout when I learned of it. Pre Internet computers yadda yadda yadda. So a local radio station in Hartford WDRC had a contest where they gave away 2 tickets to the show. Never heard any thing and the day before thanksgivening got a letter in the mail and opened it and I won 2 seats for the show. Now I just got my driver license on Nov 27 and never drove a stick shift and it was an hour ride to New Haven from my home. Anyway my brother when with me i broke him out of his rehab for the weekend and he spiked my drink with a hit of acid. Boy how I made it home that night I will never know. Thank you God and The Who for a great crazy night. I still have the shirt it has a pic of Keith Moon on it and says the Kids are Alright

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