The Who at the Staples Center in Los Angeles


“Few songwriters in British rock have had loftier goals, and more success, than Pete Townshend of the Who, and few works from the classic rock era are as accomplished and emotionally rich as “Quadrophenia,” the Who’s 1973 double-album rock opera focused on rebel youth in working class England. Townshend and longtime bandmate Roger Daltrey celebrated the four decades since its release in a concert at Staples Center on Wednesday night, presenting to a capacity crowd the melodically and thematically linked 80-minute work as it was originally sequenced — as one big story to be appreciated as a whole. Despite one’s skepticism, they pulled it off — at times thrillingly.” – Randall Roberts, LA Times.




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6 thoughts on “The Who at the Staples Center in Los Angeles”

  1. kris says:

    It never occurred to me to think The Who could not pull off this show and then some. They delivered big time. This is the 5th time I have seen them since 1967, and this show rivaled their 1971 Who’s Next tour. I am still smiling. I loved the part where they played with the Keith Moon video – very touching. But I have got to admit it was Baba O’Riley that put me right back at the 1971 Who’s Next tour – 10 feet from center stage. The music so great then and is still so great now! I did not get to see Quadrophenia the first time around but this show was worth 120 miles of LA traffic, weird offramps, one-way streets, bad directions, overpriced parking and a closed freeway on the way home (smiled all the way home).
    Hmmm – I wonder if I could make the San Diego or Las Vegas show…

  2. Peter says:

    Looking forward to 5/7 Amsterdam.

  3. Sam says:

    I’ve booked tickets for the Liverpool show… now I’ve got the long agonizing wait for June 30th to come around…

    Finally after all these years I’ll get to see The Who live…

    Is it June yet?

  4. Kim Bjerg says:

    I was so lucky to get tickets for the 02 in London (1st show). I am from Denmark and I have never seen The Who in London. Only in Hamburg in 2007, and I saw Roger on his Tommy tour at Waldemars castle in DK. My wife says I am acting like a little child…(laughs). I already wonder if I should try to get tickes for the newly added secind London show…

  5. Mike says:

    Just got home from the San Diego show…WOW!!!

    Third time I’ve seen the Who and it was another incredible performance.
    Seeing Quadrophenia performed from start to finish was something I’ll never forget. And all with a fill-in drummer. It was 1973 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco all over again. Something about these Quadrophenia tours!

    Roger looked and sounded as good as he ever has, no matter what decade we’re discussing. And the Genius, Mr. Townshend, was magnificent as always. I would pay to see the best band in the world perform every night of my life if I could.

  6. luc lyonnet says:

    slt he oui j y serai depuis vienne en 2006 and more long live rock

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