The Ox


aka The Ox aka Big Johnny Twinkle aka Thunderfingers

9 October 1944 – 27 June 2002

Rest in peace

13 thoughts on “The Ox”

  1. Aidan Price says:

    A magnificent bass player, he was and still is one of my heroes. It’s 18 years since The Ox departed, but his brilliance is still there for us to hear. He took the bass out of the shadows and into the spotlight, absolute innovator, one of a kind. Rest in peace.

  2. Gytz says:

    My Favourite bass player! R.I.P.

  3. Richard says:

    Total legend! R.I.P Johnny boy

  4. Ted Maloney says:

    How can it be 18 years already? That blows my mind.

    Peace & Health to everyone!


  5. Marty silvanic says:

    Omg the greatest bass guitarist I ever had the chance to see John play with and with out The Who, first in ’89 then with Daltrey in ’94 the ’94 show I was right in front of John. It was load as always. R.I.P. JOHN, I WILL NEVER FORGET

  6. Mike Pick says:

    Just read the new biography and although I always admired his stage presence and bass guitar uniqueness, I did not realise what a talented all-round musician he was. He was also a true rock star living the dream . Well done John, your memory and legacy is wonderful

  7. mark says:

    time goes so fast
    still the best

  8. Donna G says:

    The Who has never been the same without John. They are still great, but not the same. Miss you, John and Keith too. Heaven has one awesome bass player and drummer! The world lost you both much too soon.

  9. Bol says:

    The best rock bass guitar player ever.
    RIP John, still sorely missed.

  10. Mike Haddon says:

    From ‘Boris’ to ‘Heaven and Hell’ to the resounding ‘My Wife’, John’s bass stacks were like a DC 10 on full gas down the runway, wonderful times. Sadly missed but certainly never forgotten, play on The Ox…..

  11. Ian McFadyen says:

    I was deafened by John Entwistle in 1988 at The Diamond Club in Winnipeg. I enthusiastically stood right in front of him knowing full well what the result would be. I was in what Josh Homme calls the bass bubble. So loud my vision was altered even though I was sober (so I would remember it all). I am still amazed at being within feet of him and watching those (Thunder)fingers in a blur. Saw him with The Who, twice, in ’89 in Vancouver, not so close those concerts. Thank you John Entwistle, RIP

  12. Nick Entwistle says:

    The best bass player in the world who just made it all look so effortlessly easy!!!

  13. Brian Carroll says:

    I saw JE play live with The Who in ‘89, ‘96, ‘97 and ‘00, s And with Daltrey in 1994. Amazing every time. I started playing the bass because of him. He was a true giant in the field. Read the recent bio of him that came out. It seems a shame his struggles with addiction got the better of him in ‘02, but without help it was only a matter of time. If he’d sought treatment he might have still been here rocking with the rest of us. Addiction sucks.

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